Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Automation with Programmable Logic Controller

Automation is the implementation act of the control system, to control industrial processes and machinery, decreasing the requirement for human intervention. Automation & Control usually go hand in hand. The benefits provided by Automation are:
1.Safety in operation for both man & Machine.
2.Reduction in running cost.
3.Increase in productivity
4.Early Fault Notification.
5.Precision in control.
The use of PLC is the majority efficient method to offer automation.

Subsequent is the small control system example required to manage the tank level. A LS (level sensor) constantly measures the liquid level in a tank and transmits the signal to the controller level. The controller then transmits the signal to control the action ON/OFF of valve. This system operates on definite logic. When the level of liquid goes below the determined level then valve switches ON, & when the level of liquid goes above the determined level then valve switches OFF.

In this practice PLC is the Controller which make as a decisions controlling action. PLC gets inputs number from different devices placed at the plants with different parts. The PLC then chooses the action of controlling on the status basis of inputs and logic written in its memory. Based on the action of controlling, the output device works. As it utilizes programming logic to manage the process, defined as Programmable Logic Controller. As PLC acquires decisions with no interference of man, it is utilized for automation.

Why to use PLC for automation?
PLC can scan Analog and Digital Inputs via relevant Scan time. It can carry out the Logic with value to the Inputs of Scanned, get required decision and send it to Outputs of Analog/Digital. It can also carry out Functions of PID control. The cost is much lesser than a traditional DATA Logger.

The capability to merge Analog and discrete (Digital) logic is a great tool for the Control Engineers. Control of significant parameters of start-up, for example pressure and temperature, can be accurately pre-programmed for every start-up stage.

The equipment of control could be simply reconfigured to contain such changes as a process goes ONLINE and refined. Traffic Light Control, Bottling Plant Control, Temperature Process Control, Flow, Level, Pressure, Control of Car Parking etc. are within the PLC Capabilities.
•As a general device (PLC) executes multiple purposes in a Plant with less spare parts.
•The capabilities of self-Diagnostic and Digital nature are well-built added validation for the PLC.

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