Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PLC Companies - List of Recommended Products

These days there are more and more PLC companies and manufacturers which offer PLC’s products in a wide range of purposes and abilities. Some of these PLC companies offer certain product that they are highly recommended more than the rest of their products.

PLC Companies Recommended Products
•3200 C L-force controller by Lenze It is the perfect platform for automation systems in the control cabinet. It is built on the Intel modern Atom® processors, therefore potential to produce robust computer architecture with no strained cooling and any other moving gears even in a really small space.
•PLC with built-in touch screen HMI by TexComputer
Unlike most products from other PLC companies, this particular PLC product is customizable credit to its condensed dimensions, minimal consumption, wide 7" display, option to link up to wireless nets ZigBee, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or which enables you to comprehend portable devices to put on in electro medical, vigorous sectors, in tracing job orders, production supervision and data acquisition.
•PLC for conveyor section management by Tec Automatismes
It allows to run shunting from a network on motorized wagons, which linked to readers-writers from electronic labels and an information concentrator. These wagons allow the distribution of mail, documents, medicines, and books, in accordance to the spot on which they've been installed.
•PLC with graphic HMI plus integrated keypad by Unitronics
It's a palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operative Panel. The panel itself provides a graphic visual display unit and keypad. This robust small device supports approximately 166 I/Os, plus extension modules. An upscale range on embedded features involve multiple auto-tuned PID loops, load cell support, internal 120K structured database, as well as communication options including GSM/SMS, CANbus, and MODBUS, besides function blocks which enable it to communicate through devices by means of proprietary COM protocols, plus remote access along with data export software utilities.

The recommended products listed above are only a few products from some of the well established PLC companies available, there are at least dozens more companies which offers a wide range of PLC products for all kind of purposes.

PLC companies – How to Choose the Right Product
Not all recommended products that these PLC companies offering will suit with every requirements. Certainly there will probably be particular feature required that does not exist even in the most recommended product of its kind. Therefore, in order to find the right PLC for the suited industrial environment, a PLC programmer should diligently investigate every feature in the PLC products offered by PLC companies before ordering it.


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