Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ADLINK Distributed Programmable Automation Controller

A PAC (programmable automation controller) combines the capabilities and features of a PC-based control system as well as the PLC reliability. PAC’s merge the severity of a PLC with functionality of PC under a flexible and open software architecture to achieve the high level of improvement needs for device and industrial control systems. This development is pretty noticeable for applications industry which increasingly requires:
• A commercial policy to incorporate vision, motion control, process control, and except logic.
• An enhanced platform can recommend more than PLC’s - commercial interfaces, like connectivity of Ethernet, and storage of cost-effective, such as CompactFlash.
• An implanted, rugged and compact controller.
• An useful control blocks can be circulated via a fieldbus, different characteristic configurations of industrial PC. The setup of wiring is very bulky and expensive with either the slots of PCI in a PC or the slots of functional in a PLC. The functional blocks can be put near the actuators, sensors, or motors servo. The cable of Ethernet can be employed for wiring, consequently very much reducing costs using distribution.

ADLINK’s solution for this development is the PAC introduction in form of distribution, or Distributed Programming Automation Controller (DPAC). It offers a solution to the requirements stated above and offers the below benefits:
• The functionality of Multi-domain, including vision inspection, motion control, logic, HMI and process control
• Standard language of programming for platform development
• Flexible integration and easy customization in a controller of stand-alone
• Architecture of modular using fieldbus
• High tolerant to shock capability and vibration

• Design of Compact & Fanless
The DPAC is placed as a small distributed platform of PC-based controller. The system of DPAC integrates a design of fanless to raise reliability and MTBF.
• High Tolerant Shock Capability and Vibration
The DPAC underwent callous shock and vibration testing during its plan to guarantee durability designed for industrial automation applications.
• a Digital Display and Smart Programmable Buttons for UI
One main feature of a system DPAC is the programmable button and digital display design. Compacted computers can be simply found, but finding a platform of PC-based controller that is both reliable and compact is another story.
• Function Extension by Distribution
The control blocks of functional can be circulated through serial communication ports or fieldbus according to the DPAC configuration. Compacted computers industry typically requires expensive and excessive wiring.

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