Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Panasonic FP Web Server M2M Communication

Worldwide communications
The unit of FP Web-Server attaches all controllers of FP series to the Ethernet. No adjusts to the programs of PLC are required. Basically allocate an IP address to the FP Web-Server and join the PLC to the FP Web-Server through the interface of serial RS232C. A browser standard, such as, Internet Explorer, can be employed for access at the PC. The unit configuration is simply done with the Tool of FP Web Configuration, which has to be organized once individually.

The main features of FP Web-Server :
Web-Server :
• The data of PLC offered as pages of HTML
• Access through standard browser of Internet
• Entry field of HTML for change of PLC data
• Password protection is optional
• Library of Java applet functions

• PLC can transfer e-mails, also with attachments of PLC data
• Server of E-mail access via Internet dial-up or LAN
• PLC pre-stored or defined mail text

Device server of RS232C:
• Conversion of Ethernet ↔ RS232C
• Transparent data of RS232C tunneling through Ethernet
• Visualization and Programming access through Ethernet

Ethernet or Modem gateway:
• The FP Web Server can be dialed up through modem for access of local or network
• Multiple FP Web-Servers by using one remote gateway in a network of local Ethernet
• Handling of remote password
• Saves wiring by using existing Intranet,
• Saves software of SCADA by using standard browser,
• Remote programming
• Remote monitoring
• Remote control
• Information alert through Email
• Protocol converter or interface

FP Web Designer Features
• Editor of What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) for applications graphic design.
• The pages designed can be defined by a Web browser on any PC linked to WAN or LAN
• All values of process are exposed automatically on the monitor. Every diagram can show up to 5 lean curves for calculated values saved in PLCs. An easy mouse click informs the page
• The calculated values simultaneously with style curves can be saved as files of CSV
• Information of alarm can be imagined in web browser and stored. Updating information runs in the conditions so that the pages of Web constantly show the existing status in the browser.
• The pages of Web in the browser can be protected by password to avoid illegal access and updates
• The values of process can be imported in format of CSV from PLC programs write with FPWIN Pro


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