Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FP OPC Server and FP Data Analyzer of Panasonic

The FP OPC server’s features
• Up to date and insightful user interface enables you to organize the server. While making the application, complicated user help and assistance is ubiquitous.
• The server conforms to the below technologies of OPC DA client/server:
OPC DA 3.0
OPC DA 2.05a
OPC DA 1.0a
• The PLCs can be admittanced through modem, Ethernet and serial lines communication.
• State of the-art mechanism of import or export lets you to store, switch over or edit the data in format XML. Data can also be replaced with other software products of Panasonic, e. g. FPWIN Pro, with a file CSV.
• A tool tip or icon informs the user regarding potential errors in design.
• The Server of FP OPC enables you to obviously arrangement your application.
• Interruptions tolerance of: if a linked device stops reacting, e. g. as the line is broken up, the communication is performed for the other linked devices.

Display and read PLC data
The FP Data Analyzer is a tool of software for logic analysis, acquisition, and recorded data representation on numerous channels associated to any PLC of Panasonic. The software is a individual tool. You no need to install another software to operate the FP Data Analyzer.ber

It can be related to any PLC Panasonic by using the incorporated MEWNET Manager, for example through any port COM. Recording and evaluating sensors, actuators, remote PLCs, etc. using modem or LAN is just of seconds. Additionally, not only PLCs can be evaluated with the FP Data Analyzer. The processing software of P500 image can also transfer samples to the analyzer through the incorporated OLE interface.

The FP Data Analyzer’s Features
• Modem and LAN link for remote control through Internet, LAN, or line telephone
• Simultaneous data acquirement from a number of autonomous PLCs
• Acquirement of all external and internal PLC relays, timers, registers, counters, DUTs and even arrays
• Correlation to processing software of P500 image
• Addition new channels at the same time as recording
• Variable list well-matched to export of FPWIN Pro GVL
• Activate functions with pre trigger, post trigger
• User defined rate of sampling from a little milliseconds to hours
• Every channel can be showed in any trace width and color
• Show signals graphically as a single channels, in mode XY or in tables
• Time measured purpose with up to four markers in addition 2 trigger markers


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