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Keyence PLC Control for Automatic Welding

PLC Type KV, Name of the Input / Output:

0000 ; Emergency Push Button
0001 ; Push Button Start
0002 ; Safety Sensor
0003 ; Limit Switch Clamp Left Reverse
0004 ; Limit Switch Clamp Left Middle
0005 ; Limit Switch Clamp Left Forward
0006 ; Limit Switch Clamp Right Reverse
0007 ; Limit Switch Clamp Right Middle
0008 ; Limit Switch Clamp Right Forward
0009 ; Limit Switch Ejector Up
0010 ; Limit Switch Ejector Down
0011 ; Limit Switch Nozzle Reverse
0012 ; Limit Switch Nozzle Middle
0013 ; Limit Switch Nozzle Forward

0500 ; Contactor to Torch Button of MIG Welding
0501 ; Solenoid to Clamp Left Reverse
0502 ; Solenoid to Clamp Left Forward
0503 ; Solenoid to Clamp Right Reverse
0504 ; Solenoid to Clamp Right Forward
0505 ; Solenoid to Ejector Up
0506 ; Solenoid to Ejector Down
0507 ; Solenoid to Nozzle Reverse
0508 ; Solenoid to Nozzle Forward

Download PDF File:
Keyence PLC for Automatic Welding(.pdf)

Please Download Programming for KV Builder :
Keyence PLC Control for Automatic Welding

Reading Ladder PLC Programming for Automatic Welding Using Standard Sequence Programming:


1.1. Waiting Start=ON
1.1.a.If 0000=ON OR (1100=OFF AND 0002=OFF) Then 1000 = ON
1.1.b.If 1000 = ON Then RES C000 or C000 = 0

1.2. All Origin=ON
If 0000=OFF AND 0002=ON AND 0003=ON AND 0006=ON AND 0009=ON AND 0011=ON Then 1001=ON

1.3. Start=ON
If 0000=OFF AND 0002=ON AND 0001=ON Then 1002=ON


2.1. Waiting Start=ON
2.1.a. If C000=0 Then 1100=ON
2.1.b. If 1100=ON AND 1001=OFF AND 1002=OFF Then 1100=ON

2.2. Waiting Start=OFF, And Movement1=ON
If 1100=ON AND 1001=ON AND 1002=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=1, 1100=OFF, 1101=ON

2.3. Movement1=ON
2.3.a. If C000=1 Then 1101=ON
2.3.b. If 1101=ON AND 1006=OFF AND 1007=OFF Then 1101=ON

2.4. Movement1=OFF, And Movement2=ON
If 1101=ON AND 1006=ON AND 1007=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=2, 1101=OFF, 1102=ON

2.5. Movement2=ON
2.5.a. If C000=2 Then 1102=ON
2.5.b. If 1102=ON AND 0010=OFF Then 1102=ON

2.6. Movement2=OFF, And Movement3=ON
If 1102=ON AND 0010=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=3, 1102=OFF, 1103=ON

2.7. Movement3=ON
2.7.a. If C000=3 Then 1103=ON
2.7.b. If 1103=ON AND 0005=OFF AND 0008=OFF Then 1103=ON

2.8. Movement3=OFF, And Movement4=ON
If 1103=ON AND 0005=ON AND 0008=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=4, 1103=OFF, 1104=ON

2.9. Movement4=ON
2.9.a. If C000=4 Then 1104=ON
2.9.b. If 1104=ON AND 0012=OFF Then 1104=ON

2.10. Movement4=OFF, And Movement5=ON
If 1104=ON AND 0012=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=5, 1104=OFF, 1105=ON

2.11. Movement5=ON
2.11.a. If C000=5 Then 1105=ON
2.11.b. If 1105=ON AND 0013=OFF Then 1105=ON

2.12. Movement5=OFF, And Movement6=ON
If 1105=ON AND 0013=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=6, 1105=OFF, 1106=ON

2.13. Movement6=ON
2.13.a. If C000=6 Then 1106=ON
2.13.b. If 1106=ON AND 0012=OFF Then 1106=ON

2.14. Movement6=OFF, And Movement7=ON
If 1106=ON AND 0012=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=7, 1106=OFF, 1107=ON

2.15. Movement7=ON
2.15.a. If C000=7 Then 1107=ON
2.15.b. If 1107=ON AND 0011=OFF Then 1107=ON

2.16. Movement7=OFF, And Movement8=ON
If 1107=ON AND 0011=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=8, 1107=OFF, 1108=ON

2.17. Movement8=ON
2.17.a. If C000=8 Then 1108=ON
2.17.b. If 1108=ON AND 1006=OFF AND 1007=OFF Then 1108=ON

2.18. Movement8=OFF, And Movement9=ON
If 1108=ON AND 1006=ON AND 1007=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=9, 1108=OFF, 1109=ON

2.19. Movement9=ON
2.19.a. If C000=9 Then 1109=ON
2.19.b. If 1109=ON AND 0003=OFF AND 0006=OFF Then 1109=ON

2.20. Movement9=OFF, And Movement10=ON
If 1109=ON AND 0003=ON AND 0006=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=10, 1109=OFF, 1110=ON

2.20. Movement10=ON
2.20.a. If C000=10 Then 1110=ON
2.20.b. If 1110=ON AND 0009=OFF Then 1110=ON

2.21. Movement10=OFF, And Waiting Start=ON
If 1110=ON AND 0009=ON Then 1003=ON, C000=0, 1110=OFF, 1100=ON


3.1. Hold ON for Limit Switch Clamp Left Middle
If (1101=ON OR 1108=ON) AND 0004=ON Then SET 1006 (1006=ON Hold)

3.2. Hold ON for Limit Switch Clamp Right Middle
If (1101=ON OR 1108=ON) AND 0007=ON Then SET 1007 (1007=ON Hold)

3.2. Hold OFF for Limit Switch Clamp Left/Right Middle
If 1102=ON OR 1109=ON OR 1100=ON Then RES 1006 (1006=OFF), RES 1007 (1007=OFF)

3.3. Torch Button of MIG Welding=ON
If 1105=ON Then 0500=ON

3.4. Solenoid to Clamp Left Reverse=ON
If (1108=ON AND 1006=OFF) OR 1109=ON Then 0501=ON

3.5. Solenoid to Clamp Left Forward=ON
If (1101=ON AND 1006=OFF) OR 1103=ON Then 0502=ON

3.6. Solenoid to Clamp Right Reverse=ON
If (1108=ON AND 1007=OFF) OR 1109=ON Then 0503=ON

3.7. Solenoid to Clamp Right Forward=ON
If (1101=ON AND 1007=OFF) OR 1103=ON Then 0504=ON

3.8. Solenoid to Ejector Up=ON
If 1110=ON Then 0505=ON

3.9. Solenoid to Ejector Down=ON
If 1102=ON Then 0506=ON

3.10. Solenoid to Nozzle Reverse=ON
If 1106=ON OR 1107=ON Then 0507=ON

3.10. Solenoid to Nozzle Forward=ON
If 1104=ON OR 1105=ON Then 0508=ON


2.1. Waiting Start=ON
2.1.a.If 1101=OFF AND 1102=OFF AND 1103=OFF AND 1104=OFF AND 1105=OFF AND 1106=OFF AND 1107=OFF AND 1108=OFF AND 1109=OFF Then 1004=ON
2.1.b.If 1004=ON AND 1110=OFF Then 1005=ON
2.1.c.If 1005=ON AND C000 Not Equal 0 (Null) Then RES C000 or C000 = 0
2.1.b.If C000=0 Then 1100=ON

2.2. Trigger to Count of C000
If 1003 = ON Then Count Up C000

2.3. Emergency Stop=ON
If 1000 = ON Then RES C000 or C000 = 0

2.4. Waiting Start=ON, And Movement1=ON Up to Movement10=ON
2.4.a.If C000=0 Then 1100=ON (Waiting Start=ON)
2.4.b.If C000=1 Then 1101=ON (Movement1=ON)
2.4.c.If C000=2 Then 1102=ON (Movement2=ON)
2.4.d.If C000=3 Then 1103=ON (Movement3=ON)
2.4.e.If C000=4 Then 1104=ON (Movement4=ON)
2.4.f.If C000=5 Then 1105=ON (Movement5=ON)
2.4.g.If C000=6 Then 1106=ON (Movement6=ON)
2.4.h.If C000=7 Then 1107=ON (Movement7=ON)
2.4.i.If C000=8 Then 1108=ON (Movement8=ON)
2.4.j.If C000=9 Then 1109=ON (Movement9=ON)
2.4.k.If C000=10 Then 1110=ON (Movement10=ON)

Description for the movement:
1. Movement1 : Cylinder Clamp Left AND Right to Middle (Forward)
2. Movement2 : Cylinder Ejector Down
3. Movement3 : Cylinder Clamp Left AND Right to Forward
4. Movement4 : Cylinder Nozzle to Middle (Forward)
5. Movement5 : Cylinder Nozzle to Forward AND Welding Torch=ON
6. Movement6 : Cylinder Nozzle to Middle (Reverse)
7. Movement7 : Cylinder Nozzle to Reverse
8. Movement8 : Cylinder Clamp Left AND Right to Middle (Reverse)
9. Movement9 : Cylinder Clamp Left AND Right to Reverse
10. Movement10 : Cylinder Ejector Up

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