Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The ProSafe-DSP (Dedicated Safety Processor)

The system of ProSafe-DSP is a SIS (Safety Instrumented System) that was planned for applications, which need the highest SIL (Safety Integrity Levels). For the DSP: Dedicated Safety Processor a choice can be prepared between a solid-state logic solver (SLS) or a programmable logic solver (PLS). This article will familiarize the reader with the values of the system of ProSafe-DSP, made by the unique design system, setting it separately from usual software-based Safety PLCs.

The unique technology of ProSafe-DSP can use either the programmable logic solver (PLS) or the solidstate logic solver (SLS). The non-safety functions and interfaces of computer are realized with regular technology of microprocessor. The DSP has been planned with the goal of an uncompromising system of safeguarding, of which the SIL is verifiable and eminent. The unique technology used in the concept of PLS has produced now indication standard for programmable & solid state systems of SIS. The healthy safety accomplishment is creating from its inherent self test and internal architecture methodology. The removal of all system software is a main penetrate for a programmable safety system.

The design of DSP has effectively removed all known sources of hazardous failures. In every system of DSP the natural self-test is executed, in each small functional unit, while operating with the real application of functional logic code. This extra involves, that the self-test and logic processing are performed at accurately the same moment in time and by the same components hardware.

The Availability of ProSafe-DSP
Products in the range of ProSafe-DSP have been planned from the outset, to provide the highest reliability level needed in control Systems where crashes can be hazardous and costly. As a result of the low parts count, the simplicity, the functional tolerance, the components de-rating for parameters drift of component and last but not smallest amount the high immunity of EMI, the system of SLS also achieves very high on the scale of Availability. For particularly high demands regarding Availability the modules of SLS can be copied freely.

The Serviceability of ProSafe-DSP
Serviceability is natural in the design is a major attribute of all Systems ProSafe. The defective module can be substituted rapidly without interfering with other subsystems in case of a detected failure. Modules do not need system precise configuration or addressing when substituted, and all module improves are retro-compatible. Generally personnel skilled can simply substitute modules on the testing basis every logic stage in the system.


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