Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eaton PLC Key Features and Usage

As a leading power management company, Eaton has served the world with the highest quality of products over one hundred years, which is why Eaton PLC is one of the most trustworthy of all the PLCs around. The company is interested in diversified power management that allows people to include themselves in the journey to a strategic and holistic approach to power management. Eaton creates PLCs with advanced functions that will control industrial machines and processes optimally, along with communication networks to share data. With Eaton PLC, the global technology works for you and comes with solutions that conform to regional standards and certifications.

Eaton PLC or ELC Features
Eaton PLC is also known as ELC or Eaton Logic Controller. It has quite rich features and very small in physical design, less than half the size of most PLCs out there. Users are provided with the privilege to specify their ELC solution until it feels decent to their wish. ELC is made this way to produce satisfied requirements and to save costs related to money, time, and space. Up to 256 I/O can be created by adding any number of expansion modules, while ELC’s communication modules permit the sharing of information with networked devices. Specialty modules such as analog in, analog out, and platinum temperature are also available. The compact size of ELC means lower cost as it takes much less space, needing only small control cabinets and panels. As many modules you would like may be added as DIN-rail is used, where through only a couple of simple steps, and all connections are automatically done. Additional interface devices are not necessary for communications. ELC is built with the ability to communicate easily with other devices from Eaton. Again, this reduces cost. In short, Eaton PLC is the best pick for those having limited space and required to work with it.

Eaton PLC Sounds Great
Many have stated how Eaton PLC sounds great on paper. And many have also stated how it is working very well in the field. True to their words, the company creates ELC to push machines and processes to work up to their fullest potential without taking up too much space. Reviewers have declared the reliability of ELC in the field. Projects in the field such as temperature control, motion control, PC-based control work advantageously with ELC where its inputs and outputs are satisfyingly accurate in measuring distance with encoder. ELC also has analog expansion that has proved to work very well and very reliable as a counter. One of the many things that make Eaton PLC stand out is that its expansion modules can be used not only in a typical rack configuration without any additional hardware, but it can also be used remotely.

Eaton PLC and Software
Eaton PLC has its own programming software called ELCSoft. Users are allowed to create, edit, and monitor applications with the software and even move programs easily from one controller to another. Whether you speak ladder, sequential function chart, or instruction language, the software has them all to suit your needs. When the software is inserted in your PC, wizards can be utilized to simplify the Eaton PLC programming process.


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