Friday, January 20, 2012

Zelio PLC, Easy PLC System Controlled Through Software

Before getting deeper into the knowledge of Zelio PLC, one must first grasp the concept behind PLC and the use of it. PLC stands for programmable logic controller. It is an electronic device, or, rather, a digital computer, used to automate and control electromechanical processes. Those categorized under electromechanical processes are the machineries used in assembly lines, amusement rides, and light fixtures. So many industries and machines require the use of PLCs. Zelio PLC is designed to control and accept outputs just like a relay, which works as follows.

Zelio PLC Uses
For applications that require more flexibility than a simple relay, Zelio PLC is the answer. These sorts of applications are usually too small or too simple for a Nano PLC, which where Zelio comes in. Working just like a relay, Zelio uses two languages. Its language capabilities include function block diagram or FBD and ladder logic programming or, in short, LL. Zelio can be programmed very easily by using the front panel or by ZelioSoft software. Either way is going to work well with Zelio PLC.

Zelio PLC and Its Software
The Zelio PLC has programming software to complete the working potential it possesses. In the software, also included are applications library to help users identify the applications that match the use of Zelio, technical instructions to assist users to furthermore maximize the use of the Zelio, and self-training module to encourage users to understand more about Zelio and its functions. This software is very easy to utilize, it is user-friendly and very simple as well. Configuring your Zelio would not be any trouble with ZelioSoft software. The programs tests have allowed the programming to be quick and safe. Zelio and the software possess flexibility like no other, driving whatever requirements you have to meet the real programming that uses function block diagram or FBD or ladder logic programming or LL, also known as contact language. ZelioSoft software is open and multilingual. It is compatible with Windows 95-98-2000, Windows XP Pro, and NT 4.0 SP5. It is such a simple way to configure your Zelio PLC.

Zelio PLC More Information
More information on the use of Zelio PLC can be found on the software. Any error you encounter in relation to the programming activities will be detected. This is the result of its coherence test function. To see if the program is working properly, a program test can be performed in real time through simulation and monitoring modes. It can be done with or without the smart relay plugged to the PC. The software also delivers supervision windows to view the I/O states of the smart relay in your application environment. And last but definitely not least, online help is available to get you through everything you need to know in the use of the PLC. The features that the Zelio possesses are unlike any other PLC. It has powerful functions, high level of expandability, and function block that is easy to use, no smart relays is smarter than this. Zelio PLC gives you the ability to control and monitor remotely, making things more cost effective.


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