Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is the implementation of robotic machines to complete manufacturing jobs. Nowadays industrial automation is becoming more and more important in the process of manufacturing because robotic or computerized devices are able to handle repetitive jobs efficiently and quickly. Machines which are used in automation industry are also able for completing routine jobs that are not enviable to workers. Additionally, the company can save the cost because it does not require paying for expensive benefits for this particular machinery.

On the benefit side, with elevated healthcare costs, vacation time, paid days off, and other expensive worker benefits, companies can save cost with industrial automation. The monthly wages loss for production employees leads to unbelievable savings for the company while robotic machinery can primarily be really expensive. While machinery implementation for industrial automation can stop working due to the machine broken down, it does not happen frequently.

Additionally, a lot of plants employ dozens of production employees for various shifts and require closing on firm days. Industrial automation, though, lets a company to work the plant 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, without giving overtime paid. This reality alone can add together to large savings.

A company that occupies 48 factory workers on 3 different shifts and shuts down on weekends, for instance, can save thousands of dollars with automation in their industry. This is mainly factual if weekend work is required, which means pay the overtime and a half have to be paid for work at Saturday and aid double-time for Sunday. This associates to an additional 12 hours payment per worker.

Industrial automation can remove the requirement for all 48 works. The machinery with robotic employed for industrial automation may only absorb a monthly payment until the equipment is paid for, a team technicians to ensure the robotic equipment working, and costs of electricity. Unfortunately for employees, industrial automation can reduce thousands jobs. As the workforce reduces and the living cost increases, a lot of families thrash about to create ends meet as their jobs are changed by high tech machines.

Industrial automation features
Currently industrial automation is done mainly using the robots. The using robots will be categorized into 3 types:
• Handling of material
• Processing
• Assembly and inspection

The robot for material handling is to lift up materials and put them in other place. The operations of processing contain spot welding, constant arc welding and painting. Spot welding is made by combining 2 metals sheet together by transferring high electricity. The arc welding is the constant process while the spot welding is an irregular process. Painting process is a harmful for human due to fire hazards.

The robots for industry mostly operate with the vision of machine help. The vision of machine is an equipment with sensor to sense vision data, reading by computer when part inspection and identification. They have camera for doing this process. The system operation of machine vision contains of 3 vital functions, they are:
• Sensing and digitizing the data image
• Image and analysis processing
• Application.

The robots in industry need programming for operation. The programming can be implemented in various methods. The one of them is that the manipulator is determined to the locations where the process is to carry out and proofed the motions in the memory of robots. The 2nd method is the actions to be done by computer textual programming. The other method is that the movements are educated to the robot with the assist from Teach Pendant.

Some industries have less ratio of productivity in their outputs. Though the industrial automation setup cost is high, the industries created increasingly industrial automation to build up their ratio of productivity at good quality and low cost.

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