Thursday, February 16, 2012

Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC

The controllers of Allen Bradley CompactLogix utilize the similar programming and program organization as the systems of ControlLogix but use system I/O and communications options of Allen Bradley 1769 MicroLogix 1500. Their space of memory is smaller than the systems of ControlLogix but it is more than sufficient for medium sized applications of PLC.

The controllers of Rockwell CompactLogix offer a solution for smaller, applications of machine-level control, modular solution, requiring a low-cost. The system of CompactLogix is also organized and programmed with the RSLogix 5000.

The systems of Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC utilize the same control engine of Logix as the rest of the controllers of Logix series. This means CompactLogix supports the instruction of Logix set, data tags and task configuration.

The system of multi-tasking operating supports 4, 6, or 8 configurable jobs that can be prioritized for implementing the program code in relation to the application. Tasks can include up to 32 programs, every containing different routines.

The addressing symbol using tags is utilized to recognize data by its use in the application, hardware independently. You can make standard routines libraries that can be reused on multiple applications or machines.

The system of Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC also offers you with peer to peer communications to other machines through the following communication interface devices, such as Ethernet, DeviceNet, DH-485, and Controlnet.

All the processors of Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC have Key switch of RUN REM PROG has the following functionality. Mode of RUN PLC in RUN no edits feasible. REM PLC in the processor remote mode control and available of remote programming with RSLogix 5000. Program mode or PROG PLC in STOP, program adjusts can be downloaded.

The Local I/O of Allen Bradley CompactLogix enables one additional I/O modules bank can be added to a system of CompactLogix. The first bank contains the controller of CompactLogix in the far left position. Every bank requires its own power supply and the controller have to be within 4 slot positions. A maximum of a controller may be utilized in a system of CompactLogix.

The Remote I/O of Allen Bradley CompactLogix is reached in the same method as the system of ControlLogix it can be linked to a system of CompactLogix only with a port of Ethernet on the Processor, or a port of ControlNet on the processor. A scanner module of DeviceNet is also available for any of the controllers of CompactLogix.


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