Thursday, February 16, 2012

OPC Server Client Communication

The designed of OPC Data Transfer is to assist users to arrange and check data transfers between OPC servers whatever local and remote, enabling diverse control systems to replace information.

Although the software of OPC helps the communication between OPC servers and OPC clients, configuring server to server connections is often weighty because of the barriers of DCOM security and communication. The OPC Data Transfer solves this problem, allowing manufacturers using technology of OPC to simply replace information between all components of their processes of production and data analyses and keep away from the obstacles of DCOM. Other attributes comprise management functions and extensive error tracking, even as the ODT is also completely equipped to control OPC client and server redundancy: When a master client or master server meets an interruption when linking and communicating with other elements of the system, a selected backup straight away takes over so that there is no data lost.

The features of OPC client .NET from Open Automation Software (
• Includes communication support of .NET for any Data Access OPC Client which is supporting DA 2.0x or 3.0 to the OPC Server.
• Correspond data through your Internet company or network.
• Install and utilize Systems of OPC .NET OPC Server on limitless local and systems remote for every license.
• Integrates multiple OPC Client links down to one OPC Server link to improve overall OPC Servers communication performance.
• Use computations as source of data to make real time equations from numerous OPC Servers to your OPC Client.
• Incorporate data from any application of .NET with OPC Controls .NET to your OPC Client.
• Utilize OPC Recipe.NET to allowed databases as data of read only to your OPC Client.
• No limit on the items number as data target and source.
• Executes .NET Remote to significantly make simpler remote data transfer from system-to-system.
• Apply multiple Windows Services of OPC Systems to make a whole network of data transfer system and join every Service to local OPC Servers, therefore make simpler network administration and reducing configuration of DCOM.
• Supports Data Access OPC Clients 2.0x and 3.0.
• Charge efficient tunneling solution of OPC, both on connectivity and price. Every licensed supports limitless use on systems of OPC Client.
• Support modification online for all features, so no data transfer interruption is needed during configuration.
• Transfer via tunneling with directly connection from OPC Clients to OPC Servers with items of DirectOPC.


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