Saturday, February 11, 2012

Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC

For a small programmable logic controller solutions look to the family of MicroLogix. The controller of MicroLogix 1000 provides capabilities of control in a reasonable, compact package. The MicroLogix 1200 offers options and features to handle widespread applications range. The flexible MicroLogix 1500 controller assists you realize high-level control in various applications. The controllers of MicroLogix 1100 and 1400 enlarge the application coverage with improved network communications at an reasonable price.

• Five control levels is available, providing a large variety of features to ensemble most applications
• Provides alike functionality as traditional PLCs and SLCs, only in a smaller packaged form
• Well-matched with the graphic terminals of PanelView Component
• Compatibles with RSLogix Micro programming software and RSLogix500 programming software, providing a set of instruction that is general to the SLC500 and MicroLogix controller families

MicroLogix 1000 Controllers
The Controllers of Bulletin 1761 MicroLogix1000 are the mainly compact of the family of MicroLogix. This controller wells a large various applications up to 32 I/O points, as using a fraction of the full-size controller space. It includes embedded analog I/O, providing cost-effective and compact analog performance.

MicroLogix 1100 Controllers
The Controllers of Bulletin 1763 MicroLogix1100 put in embedded EtherNet/IP, online editing and an LCD to the family of MicroLogix. The fixed LCD displays status of controller, status of I/O and simple messages to operator.

MicroLogix 1200 Controllers
The Controllers of Bulletin 1762 MicroLogix 1200 are small enough to robust in firm spaces and adequate powerful to accommodate a large applications range. The controller is offered in versions of 24 point and 40 point. You can increase the I/O count with rack less I/O modules. You can make larger systems of control, realize larger application flexibility, and enlarge your system at a lower price and with decreased parts inventory. An upgradeable field flash operating system maintains you be up to date with the newest features.

MicroLogix 1400 Controllers
The Controllers of Bulletin 1766 MicroLogix 1400 make upon critical features of MicroLogix 1100: EtherNet/IP, online editing and a fitted LCD. These feature of controllers a higher I/O count, pulse train output, enhanced network capabilities, faster high speed counter and backlight on the LCD. Controllers with no embedded analog I/O points offer 32 points of digital I/O, while versions analog present 32 points of digital I/O and 6 points of analog I/O. You can increase all versions with up to seven expansion of 1762 I/O modules.

MicroLogix 1500 Controllers
The Controllers of Bulletin 1764 MicroLogix 1500 are the majority flexible members of the family of MicroLogix. Building ahead the critical MicroLogix 1200 controllers features, this controller suits lots of applications that conventionally called for bigger, more expensive controllers.

MicroLogix Expansion I/O Modules
The I/O modules of Bulletin 1762 MicroLogix Expansion expand the MicroLogix 1100, 1200, and 1400 controllers capabilities by maximizing flexibility of the I/O type and count. The rack less design, modular improves cost reductions and decreases inventory of replacement parts. The modules can be whichever panel mounted or DIN rail.


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