Saturday, February 11, 2012

OPC Communication Protocol

OPC is executed in pairs of server or client. The server of OPC is a program software that translates the protocol of hardware communication applied by a PLC into the protocol of OPC. The software of OPC client is any program that requires joining to the hardware, for example an HMI. The OPC client utilizes the server of OPC to find data from or transfer commands to the hardware.

The OPC value is that it is an open standard, which means having lower prices for manufacturers and more alternatives for users. Hardware manufacturers require only give a single server of OPC for their machines to correspond with any OPC client. Software suppliers basically include OPC client abilities in their products and they develop into immediately compatible with thousands of hardware machines. Users can select any software of OPC client they require, resting guaranteed that it will communicate effortlessly with their hardware of OPC-enabled, and vice versa.

The characteristic connection of OPC scenario is a single connection of server client on a single computer, but there are more potential. For instance, you may require to:
• Link an OPC client to some servers of OPC. This is defined as OPC aggregation.
• Link an OPC client to a server of OPC through a network. This can be performed with tunneling OPC.
• Link an OPC server to other server of OPC to share the data. This is identified as OPC bridging.

The DataHub of OPC is exclusively designed to perform all of these jobs. It is an OPC server and OPC client combination that supports multiple links. Thus it can join to some OPC servers concurrently, for OPC bridging and OPC aggregation. Two DataHubs of OPC can mirror data across a network of TCP to give tunneling OPC.

OPC can not link to a hole punch, or a drill. The equipment it corresponds with must have a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This is a connected computerized controller.

The device on the shop floor is managed by the PLC. The engineer has a PC Windows and desires to direct the functions of machine from the office. This functionality is possible with a physical data connection. OPC converts between the 2 systems.

The providers of OPC software offer OPC Aggregation, OPC Tunneling and OPC Bridging. The providers of OPC software provide services to the clients in industries to automate their systems.


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