Sunday, February 12, 2012

Siemens HMI Touch Panel

An electromagnetic compatibility, high class protection, and really shake proof, every keypad of SIMATIC HMI or touch panel is perfectly matched to machine oriented utilize in inconsiderate industrial environments. A particular highlight is that each touch panel or keypad in the panel family of SIMATIC HMI from Siemens can be constructed with a single tool of software, entirely scalable to equal the performance class.

The 70 Series SIMATIC Panels have been the low cost starter tools in the operator panels range with graphical capability for a number of years. They are preferably suited to small scale tasks of HMI.

The display of pixel-graphics can be utilized for the processes using graphical display, for instance, bar charts or bitmaps. The size of font can be varied to reach outstanding readability even at a space.

You can select among the particularly compact OP73 using a 3 inch display and the two OP 77 versions with their display of 4.5 inch SIMATIC OP 73/OP 77A and SIMATIC OP 73/OP 77B are a integrated and complete family of SIMATIC HMI of panels members which can be organized with the flexible software of engineering SIMATIC WinCC. Even the low price package of WinCC flexible Compact can be utilized.

The series 70 successor devices are available for all panels. These panels from the Comfort or Basic Panel families present all the benefits of the newly developed devices.

Applicationn area
The panels of operator for small scale HMI jobs with controllers of S7 that were formerly resolved with HMI devices of text-oriented. The OP 77B can also be linked to SIMATIC S5 and some other manufacturers controllers.

• Display of pixel graphics also supports bar and bitmap displays
• Outstanding texts readability, the text size can be scaled freely
• Onboard of PROFIBUS and MPI
• Standard Interfaces Hardware and Software for increasing flexibility

Design and functions
For exchanging the Text Panel OP3, the OP 73 gives a monochrome graphic display 3 inch, user administration, language switching, and a comprehensive system alarm. It can be linked to S7 controller through PROFIBUS or MPI. As a successor with a similar footprint and application range you can utilize the Basic mono of KP300 for environments PROFINET which is significantly lower cost.

For exchanging the Text Panel OP7, the OP 77A gives a monochrome graphic display 4.5 inches, user administration, language switching, and a comprehensive system alarm. A comprehensive keypad with 8 freely function keys configuration offers convenient operation. The OP 77A can be linked to controllers S7 through PROFIBUS or MPI. The PROFINET able machine provides a color display with a greatly higher resolution.

Similar as the OP 77A but prepared with additional drivers and interfaces to find linked to SIMATIC S5 or other controllers. Because a lot of alternatives in regard to connectivity changing the OP 77B with a Basic color of KP400 may not operate in every application. In this case you should adjust to a lot more controlling KP400 Comfort.


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