Sunday, February 19, 2012

Allen Bradley OPC Server Suite

Kepware is leader in the world for auto¬mation communication software and presents unique experi¬ence in both embedded device communications and OPC. Kepware has focused on the communication drivers development to automation controllers, field devices and I/O since 1995. The support operating system includes; Micro¬soft Windows Server, Desktop, and Embedded (Windows NT/XP and Windows CE). Currently, with more than 130 protocols communication, and throughout the attempts of the direct sales, embedded and distribution partners, Kepware is the commu¬nications leading provider with shipments go beyond 100,000 units yearly.

The OPC Server of KEPServerEX offers a reliable and easy method to connect Motion Controllers and Allen-Bradley PLC to your applications of OPC Client, including Historian, ERP, HMI, SCADA, MES, and custom applications of countless. The OPC Server support for Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, DH+, and DF1 guarantees connectivity to the majority devices of Allen-Bradley.

The features of Allen-Bradley Suite:
• Tag Database Generation Automatically
• File import of .CSV
• Import of Online and Offline (.L5K export file) controller tag
• Import of Pre-defined data types, User-defined data types, I/O, and instruction tags of Add-on
• Access data through Hi-Speed Physical traditional Symbolic mode and addressing mode
• Integrated statistics performance for optimization project
• Support Routing
• Project Correlation Detection of RSLogix 5000
• Support Radio Modem
• Encapsulation of Ethernet

The key features of KEPServerEX:
Connectivity Support Application:
• Data Access OPC: 3.0, 2.05a, 2.0, 1.0a,
• Formats DDE: AdvancedDDE, CF_Text,
• Interfaces of Native: Suitelink and FastDDE for Wonderware, User Interface of PDB for iFIXSingle for 100’s of Plug In Device
• Improved performance of Multi-Threaded Design
• Diagnostics of OPC and Device

Minimum PC Hardware
Pentium CPU 400 Mhz
RAM 128 Mb
Free Hard Drive Space 100 Mb
Pentium CPU 600 Mhz
RAM 512 Mb
Free Hard Drive Space 100 Mb


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