Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mitsubishi Q Series PLC

This type of PLC is having leading Performance, scalable to thousands of I/O. The Q Series PLC is the crucial fit for automation platform purpose for all of your means projects.
• Extents a Mitsubishi CPU types range from small or medium systems, to complex systems of networking handling tens to thousands of I/O, addressing the requirements of all applications.
• Squeezes current technologies for instance open systems, high speed Ethernet and Internet capabilities, to decrease lifecycle charges through remote system management and maintenance.
• Enlarges productivity through a design system life cycle, realization and maintenance by providing a capabilities range that let more to be achieved in fewer time.
• Multiple capability of CPU adds open ended system flexibility and performance.
• Multiple capability programs enable synchronized development, reuse code, better organization of program and quicker troubleshooting for a lesser amount of downtime.
• Multiple accesses to the system let many technicians to do concurrently for faster system maintenance and debugging.
• High GX Developer programming productivity tools allow designers to focus on the their system automation, not the controller configuration.
• Communication and networking alternatives allocate Q Series systems over large areas while reducing wiring charges.
• Cycle CPUs can also concentrate on applications process by way of built-in capabilities of PID.
• Particularly compact package stores costs of panel.

The features of QS Safety CPU Series include:
• Completely certified by TUV to EN 954 Category 4 and IEC 61508 SIL 3
• Scalable to any requirements; competent of managing the safety requirements of a single machine or a whole production line
• Controls the existing maintenance and programming tools of the engineering suite of GX Developer
• Learning curve is short no special techniques for programming to master;
• Widespread features of diagnostic and security
• Utilizes the device level of open CC-Link Safety network to relate remote I/O for safety critical devices
• Certified by CE, cUL, UL as specified and shipping approvals by RINA, ABS, DNV, NK and LR for all Q Series.


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