Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Allen Bradley PLC Modules

AMCI manufactures of PLC Modules for these Allen-Bradley PLCs: CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, SLC500, PLC-5, and POINT I/O.

An experienced member of the Encompass Program, AMCI has been worked together with Allen Bradley for over 15 years in the design process and manufacturing of industrial control products that match the family of Rockwell Automation interfaces, sensors, and programmable logic controllers.

AMCI is the initial company authorized to manufacture and design 3rd party PLC modules creating a relationship with Allen-Bradley during the 1980's. During that time, AMCI has built up a wealth value added results that contribute to the customer successful application solutions with products of Rockwell Automation.

The specialized family of Allen-Bradley PLCs modules includes solutions plug-in for platforms of CompactLogix, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, SLC500, PLC-5, and POINT I/O. Users seeking resolver interfaces, PLC controllers, interfaces of SSI/LDT, controllers of stepper motion, and stamping press controls or industry specific packaging, will pick the expertise value.

Interface of SSI / LDT PLC Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Module
• Decide one or two inputs of LDT
• Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Design
• Onboard report errors and diagnostics monitor
• Compatible modules of LDT with MTS/Ametek/Balluf/Turck linear dislocation transducer sensors with start and stop or digital outputs of PWM.

The module of 7761H provides users a direct interface to the majority sensors that output of SSI data. The 7761H is restricted only by the sensor resolution being utilized in your application. Additional attributes comprise count direction, position scaling, and position preset.

The modules of 7751 and 7752 LDT are straight interfaces between magnetostrictive LDT (Linear Displacement Transducer) and the I/O system of Allen-Bradley 1771. These interface modules with digital transducers of Start/Stop or PWM. Completely programmable from the sealed or the backplane keypad and display, these modules offer absolute velocity data and linear position. The 7700 presents programmable position data down to resolution of 0.001". MTS and Balluff provide LDT transducers are offered in lengths from 2 – 140inches in various mounting styles.


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