Thursday, February 9, 2012

SCADA Software Comparison

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition or SCADA. It is an application of process control that gathers data from machines and sensors on the shop floor or in the remote locations and transfers them to a CPU for control and management. Below are some comparisons between SCADA software, they are Tuppas SCADA Software and WinTr SCADA Software

Tuppas SCADA Software
The Tuppas SCADA Software collects the data and gives custom shop floor manage by schedule, product, lot, job, or center of work. Precise production data can be utilized by costing applications with actual or consistent allocations. The software of Tuppas SCADA offers real time production presentation feedback for comparison to recognized calculations of rates of production and for efficiency of production. Browser based collection of data and reporting supports handheld of RF intelligent tools including PDAs, smart phones, and scanners of bar code.

Our modules recommend flexibility to rise as your business. A little reasons to select the configurable systems comprise:
1. Pricing. Tuppas has built an exclusive framework which assists to maintain the cycle short development and a minimum module pricing.
2. SaaS. The Software as a Service virtually reduces risks and big expenses related with a purchase system.
3. Tailored. Every module is planned to gather the particular requirements of every client.
4. Browser Based. The access of internet is immediately available from any protected browser.
5. Wireless. Your software system access immediately with PDAs, Pocket Pcs, smartphones, etc.

• Eliminated requirement of IT software support
• Decreased servers and hardware
• lessening in training of software
• Open source code
• etc

WinTr SCADA Software
The SCADA software WinTr is sold according to External tag number. They are: Profinet(S7 1200), S7MPI, OPC, SQL Server 2005, S7PPI, and Modbus RTU/TCP IP Tags. There is no constraint at Internal Tags.

• Web Server and WinTr Server is US$ 250. For communication between client-server and stations of WinTr there are dissimilar running modes. The Client Server is free of charge for package of 65534 tag.
• E-mail driver and SMS, Print Server + barcode driver and Report Manager US$ 250. Free of charge for 1024 tag and up.

• WinTr is built up at .NET 2008. While many other software of SCADA are not developed in platform .NET. Platform .NET born in 2003. Therefore development is very simple. Furthermore it is well-matched with Windows 7 and other operating systems that will be launched.
• A lot of objects .NET that can not be established other SCADAs offered in WinTR. Consequently your project get out of Windows Vista look and gets Windows 95 appearance.
• Accomplishment variables of SCADA are very simple with SQL I/O tags. You can achieve simply with other programs that you built up or excel or internet browsers. A lot of SCADA software export data to excel. But the technique stated here is dissimilar. In this technique, SCADA never accomplishes excel. Excel gets to SCADA through excel macro.
• The scripts of C# and VB are work entirely different. The software of SCADA has limitations at functions of script. Though Wintr has no limitations you can carry out a lot of operations by writing scripts approximately as if rising program on platform .NET.
• It is potential to achieve and adjust information of SCADA other than the tags of SCADA with scripts. When such requires happen they give information their customers free of charge.
• The scripts are collected one time at first after that saved as .Net DLL. Afterward operates directly. Therefore they operate quicker. Even operations has giant amount can operate very fast in the script.


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