Thursday, February 9, 2012

SIMATIC S7-200 and Micro Panels

Siemens can present you an outstanding solution for operator monitoring and control from a single supplier that was especially designed for SIMATIC S7-200 with the SIMATIC Micro Panels. The panels absolutely match the controller of S7-200. For you this way less configuring cost. The plug & play panels functionality guarantees ideal interaction of all components. You make a decision which panel is correct for you. There are TD panels which can be used and customized whenever narrow space conditions matter for simple applications.

The panels of OP 73micro and TP 177micro can be simply organized – at the highest level possible automation using the innovative development software of WinCC flexible Micro. Text displays TD 400C, TD 200C, TD 200, and TD 100C are arranged using the SIMATIC STEP 7-Micro/WIN software.

TD 100C Text display
• The reflective backlit screen of 4-line for screening text with 16 characters/line
• The configurable keys up to 14 users
• Display layout is user-defined
• The keys representation, size and position can be configured as preferred
• All functions protected by password
• The alarm can be easily configured up to 40 alarms
• Cyrillic fonts and Simplified Asian

TD 200 and TD 200C Text displays
• 2-line, high-contrast LCD screen of backlit,
• Integrated variables up to 80 text messages
• Configuration is stored on the S7-200: intervention in the control program is possible through input of set points
• Inputs and outputs setting (all functions are protected by password)
• Five online languages
• Cyrillic fonts and Simplified Asian

TD 200 Extras
• Fixed arrangement for 8 function keys of user-configurable
TD 200C Extras
• There are up to 20 user configurable keys
• Display layout is user-defined
• The keys representation, size and position can be organized as preferred

OP 73micro Graphics Operator Panel
• Full of functionality, but simple in detail.
• 3 inches LCD screen full graphic: different font sizes, Cyrillic font, bitmaps, bars
• The system of end-to-end message with user-definable message classes
• Asian and Cyrillic fonts with 5 online languages
• All functions protected by password

TP 177micro Touch Panel
For challenging users who realize a fully capable display of graphic as well as touch functionality, the TP 177micro is the correct solution enclosing all of the basic functions needed.
• 6 inches touch screen
• More options of application via vertical installation
• Enhanced graphics alternatives thanks to blue mode of vector graphics
• Flexible and efficient message system for enlarged transparency of plant
• Machine and plant display states for message classes defined
• Process visualization transparency
• Most favorable readability


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