Friday, February 10, 2012

Expandable Flexible and Powerful SIMATIC STEP 7-Micro/WIN

Real time response
The superior technology down to the final detail guarantees the CPUs bring excellent real time response rates:
• independent hardware counters for 4 or 6, each with 2 x 200 kHz, 30 kHz with a CPU 224 XP, such as, for accurate pathway monitoring for high-speed counting of process events with incremental encoders
• 4 alarm inputs independently, filter time of input 0.2 ms to program action, for most process safety
• Capturing function pulse for signals more than 0.2 ms for quick events from the appliance
• 2 outputs of pulse, each 2 x 100 kHz, or 20 kHz with CPU 224 XP with modulation of pulse width and set point of pulse no-pulse.
• 2 interrupts of timed initiating at 1 ms and adaptable in rises of 1 ms.
• Conversion of signal with 12-bit resolution, 25 μs, fast analog inputs
• Clock of real time

Interrupts of timed
• A resolution of 1 ms between 1 and 255 ms
• It is probable to trace and process signals on insertion of screw machine at 3K RPM after turn just a quarter. This allows very accurate recording, for example, of tightening torques to make sure most favorable fastening of the screw.

Fast counters
• Working separately of each other, of the program cycle
• Triggering interruption when user choose able calculated values are achieved – response time from an input signal detection of to an output of switching is 300 μs
• Evaluation of 4-edge when increase position encoders are utilized for precise positioning

Inputs of Alarm
• 4 inputs of independent
• For signals registering in fast succession
• Reaction time of 200 μs to 500 μs for detection of signal /300 μs for output of signal
• Reaction to negative going and/or positive going edge Reaction signal

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