Monday, February 13, 2012

CoDeSys OPC Server

It is the part of the delivery package standard of CoDeSys and is according to the PLCHandler of 3S-Smart Software Solutions. It can be run under Windows XP and supports the below specifications of OPC:
1. Hierarchical browsing of variables
2. Data Access Custom Interface Standard Ver 1.0
3. Data Access Custom Interface Standard Ver 2.05A
4. Data Access Custom Interface Standard Ver 3.0
5. Data Access Automation Interface Standard Ver 2.0
6. OPC Common Definitions and Interfaces Ver 1.0

OPC1 is a standardized interface supplying access to the data process. It is according to the standard of Microsoft COM/DCOM2 and was expanded to meet the requirements of data access in the process automation where it is typically utilized to write and read data from the controller. The characteristic OPC clients are visualizations and programs for operational data recording etc. the systems of PLC and field bus cards are generally provided with an OPC server. The server of OPC is not a passive sub-program but a program of executable which is initiated as soon as a connection is established between the controller and the client. Therefore, it can inform the client whenever the variable value or its status has modified.

The OPC Server presents all variables which are existing in the controller. These items are controlled in a cache of data which lets for fast access to the values of item. Direct, non cached admittance to the controller items is also possible. The OPC Server data can be grouped. When doing so it differentiates between public groups which are presented by the OPC server and which the client sets up by themselves.

Communication between the CoDeSys V3 controller and a CoDeSys OPC Server 3 is caused through the CoDeSys Gateway Server V3. The V3 Gateway Server is not bounce to the operating system of Windows and can be placed anywhere within the controller network.


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