Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SITOP smart SIMATIC S7-200

The SITOP smart is one of the smallest DIN rail mounted the units of power supply and demonstrates an exciting overload performance. Even high loads can be turned on with no any issues. Continuous nominal outputs of 120% position the power supplies as the mainly dependable of their class. Many certifications make simpler their worldwide and universal use, as well as their operation under risky conditions.

SIPLUS extreme
Working under severe conditions? If you must work the method in the absolute temperature range, need additional protection of condensation or require other ratings of voltage, after that SIPLUS extreme is the answer for you. It allows you adjust the CPUs to special requirements.

Memory modules of EEPROM
A small possible module of EEPROM memory can save a lot of cost and time. It creates it very simple to copy, revise or replace the user program on the machine. And if required, you can utilize this module to transfer a program rapidly and cheaply to your customers. You just plug in the module, shut off the power, turn it on, and the program is immediately updated. Whether documentation of project, handling of recipe or data logging the memory modules are offered with 64 KB or 256 KB.

Project documentation
• files of PDF, files of Bitmap, files of DOC
• Complete projects of STEP 7-Micro/WIN can be moved to the card of memory with S7-200 Explorer
• Download and definition of the recipes, such as machine parameters, production data, etc.
• Better use memory by inhabiting the data memory in the CPU with only a recipe: adaptation Data logging and online updating
• Dynamic storage, such as statistics data or performance and error or fault messages
• Transferable of log file to PC through S7-200 Explorer

Battery module
To make sure no user data is missing, you can utilize the optional module of battery for long term backups to expand backup time from the approximately 5 days of internal backup to, a total of 200 days.

Real time clock
Whether you require calculating working hours, attach a time stamp to messages: the incorporated real time clock on the S7-200 operates to the minute and to the day through the software depend on your settings.

Potentiometers Analog
You can optimize the sequence of process roughly according to feel with no a HMI or PC with the incorporated analog potentiometers on the S7-200. They allow you to fine tune the substances of time values, data registries, pre-assigned counter values or other parameters with no meddling with the program.


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