Thursday, February 2, 2012

Difference between Modbus and Fieldbus

Modbus defines as a protocol of serial communications produced by Medicon. It is using its PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). Simple, easy and strong, it has become one of the standard protocols of communications in the industry, and it is currently amongst the majority generally available parts of connecting devices of industrial electronic.

Modbus enables for communication between many devices associated to the similar network, for instance a system that computes humidity and temperature and corresponds the results to a computer. Modbus is frequently used to join a supervisory computer with a RTU (remote terminal unit) in systems of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). A lot of the types of data are defined from its utilize in relays driving: an output of single-bit physical is defined a coil, and an input of single-bit physical is defined a contact or a discrete input.

Fieldbus is a system of industrial network for real-time circulated control. It is a method to link instruments in a plant of manufacturing. Fieldbus runs on a structure of network which characteristically lets network topologies of ring, daisy-chain, branch, star, and tree. In the past computers were linked using serial connections of RS-232 by which only 2 devices could communicate. This would be the same of the presently used communication scheme of 4-20 mA which needs that every device has its own point of communication at the controller stage, while the fieldbus is the same of the current connections of LAN-type, which need only a point of communication at the controller stage and let multiple of digital and analog points to be linked at the same time. This decreases both the cable length required and the cables number required. In addition, since machines that correspond via fieldbus need a microprocessor, multiple points are characteristically offered by the same device. Some of the fieldbus devices currently support control schemes for example control of PID on the device side.


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