Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is a SCADA System

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or popular called as SCADA is a broad scale control system for the processes of industrial automation like power generation,municipal water supplies, gas and oil pipelines, and steel manufacturing, etc. SCADA is also has functions in the large scale facilities of experimental like those utilized in the fusion of nuclear.

The systems of SCADA control and monitor these operations by meeting the data from the sensors at the facility or the remote station and after that transmitting it to the system of central computer that controls the operations with this information.

The System of SCADA
The size of sheer and of the operations we knew previously demands that the system control be similarly involved to handle the requirements. This is where the scores of SCADA. The system of SCADA is prepared to control anything from a few thousands to a million channels of I/O. The technology is still developing and we can suppose a growth of the SCADA market.

A full fledged the system of SCADA is made up of the signal hardware for networks of input/output, control equipment, user interface it is sometimes called as the HMI or Human-Machine Interface, communication equipment and the software bundled with it all. And in this article we are talking about the SCADA central command system. The central system is frequently miles away from where the operations are applying. Therefore the system also requires on site sensors to gather and monitor the data.

How SCADA Runs
The control system and measurement of SCADA has a MTU (master terminal unit) which could be defined as the brain of the system and one or more RTU (remote terminal units). The RTUs collect the data locally and transfer them to the MTU which after that issues appropriate commands to be implemented on site. The system of moreover customized or standard software is utilized to collect, read and control the data.

SCADA is now utilizes mostly open loop control systems, although some the closed loop characteristics are frequently built in. As this is an open loop system, it means that the system of SCADA can not use feedback to make sure what results its inputs have generated. In other hands, there is no learning of machine.

The other Control Systems of SCADA
There are some other systems that are utilized for like purposes as SCADA. These are usually called as DCS (Distributed Control Systems). The functions are similar; the dissimilarity is in the range. Distributed Control Systems are characteristically efficient within a limited area like a complex of factory. Therefore the communication is performed throughout a LAN (local area network). These networks are extremely reliable and fast, and can control closed loop, feedback based, control.

The networks of DCS have their constraints. They can not cover up great territories. This is why SCADA comes in practical. Nevertheless the systems of communication are not as dependable as a LAN, and thus it is not practical to execute closed loop control. Currently, the scope and size is what mark SCADA.


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