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Programmable Logic Controller Suppliers

A PLC (programmable logic controller) is a kind of common purpose in computer industry which manages the factory automation equipment or processes or operation of industrial in compliance with a saved program for executing particular functions for example timing, sequencing, counting, logic, and arithmetic to control throughout analog or digital inputs and outputs, a variety of types of processes or machines. A characteristic PLC system contains at least one alternative module that carries out the functions of input/output (I/O). When doing operations with the input signals, the PLC develops and produces output signals which are send out through PLC output points to a variety of output devices, for instance relays and actuators, to control the process. The processor and circuitry of input/output in the system PLC are normally designed as divide modules that can be introduced in a chassis and linked together via a general backplane with releasable or permanent electrical connectors.

The supplier list of Programmable logic controllers
• A-TEK Technology, Inc.
Offer solutions for the technology of sensor, remote monitoring, and systems integration. The products contain roadway warning systems, precision programmable logic controllers (PLCs), SCADA system, hygrometers of chilled mirror, instruments of portable humidity, and transmitters of fixed humidity. Location in USA.

• CanaVision Technologies
It specializes in constructing and intelligent vision system for automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, and industrial electronics. Products contain programmable logic controller (PLC), controllers of TOHO temperature, controllers of temperature, controller of microprocessor-based PID, sensors of temperature, modules of DIN rail relay, counters, timers, and relay. Location in Canada.

• Divelbiss Corporation
It is manufacturing embedded programmable logic controllers (PLCs), controller of universal machine, universal control panel, detection of conductivity, extender of high density bus, modules of PIMS expansion, converters power, interfaces of sensor, and tools of development. Location in USA.

• Heat and Control, Inc.
It is food processing and packaging equipment manufacturer, and also including systems of programmable logic control (PLC), PLC controlled by systems touch screen control, equipment of food processing, weighing and packaging equipment, and systems of product handling. Location in USA.

• IMO Precision Controls Ltd.
It is the manufacturer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), terminals of Din rail, relays of timers and monitoring, gear of motor control, sensors of photo electric, signal conditioning, transformers, process controllers, drives of variable speed, audible devices, and blocks of PCB terminal. Location in UK.

• Parker Hannifin Corp.
It is offers programmable logic controller (PLC), PC-based control, controller of motion, systems of linear motor, systems of positioning, machine control and human-machine interface (HMI), right angle gear heads and precision planetary, products of pneumatic end effectors. Location in USA.


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