Saturday, February 25, 2012

Modem Communications SIMATIC S7-200

The CPUs of S7-200 can be accessed almost anywhere in the world by modem through radio or wired network.
• Tele-service: the option of modem communication is helpful to avoid expensive service calls. You need 2 modems for remote use of the functions complete range for example status or control, program transfer; the tools of communications are incorporated as a standard attribute. The external modems can be utilized as a local modems.
• Tele-control: You can measure values and call up messages using modem as well as identify new commands or set points. In this condition, a base station of S7-200 can manage an almost limitless number of remote stations. The data transmission protocols are generously selectable, e.g. for the messages of text directly to a cell phone, for the error messages to a Modbus RTU or fax machine.

Speedy connection of PROFIBUS
All CPUs from 222 upwards can be work through the communications module of EM 277 as a norm slave on a network of PROFIBUS DP with a rate of transmission up to 12 Mbps. This S7-200 open attribute to higher level PROFIBUS DP control levels makes sure you can incorporate each machines into the production line. You can apply PROFIBUS ability of each machines prepared S7-200 with the expansion module of EM 277.

Powerful connection of AS-Interface
The CP 243-2 revolves all CPUs from 222 upwards into great masters on the network of AS-Interface. You can fix up to 62 stations, creating even sensors of analog easy to incorporate according to the new specification V 2.1 of AS-Interface. You can join up to 248 DIs + 186 DOs in the maximum configuration with AS-Interface. The maximum number of 62 stations can comprise up to 31 modules of analog. The slaves’ configuration and data reading/writing is supported by the handy Wizard of AS-Interface.


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