Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Program Files & Data Files MicroLogix 1000

Program Files The files of program include information of controller, the major ladder program, subroutines of interrupt, and any programs of subroutine. These files as following:
• File 0 (System Program) – This file includes a variety of system related information and information of user-programmed for example I/O configuration, processor type, file name of processor, and password.
• File 1 (Reserved) – it is reserved.
• File 2 (Main Ladder Program) – it contains instructions of user-programmed defining how the controller is to work.
• File 3 (User Error Fault Routine) – it is implemented when a recoverable error happens.
• File 4 (High-Speed Counter Interrupt) – it is implemented when an interrupt of HSC happens. It can also be utilized for a ladder program subroutine.
• File 5 (Selectable Timed Interrupt) – it is implemented when an STI happens. It can also be applied for a ladder program subroutine.
• Files 6 – 15 (Ladder Program Subroutine) – These are utilized according to residing of subroutine instructions in the major file of ladder program or other subroutine files.

Data Files
These contain the information status related with I/O external and all other instructions you apply in the main and ladder program files subroutine. Additionally, these files save information relating to processor operation. The data file types are as following:
• File 0 (Output) – it saves the state terminals output for the controller.
• File 1 (Input) – it saves the input terminals status for the controller.
• File 2 (Status) – it saves information of controller operation. This file is helpful for program operation and troubleshooting controller.
• File 3 (Bit) – it is applied for relay logic of internal storage.
• File 4 (Timer) – it saves the status bits and preset values and timer accumulator.
• File 5 (Counter) – it saves the status bits and the preset values and counter accumulator.
• File 6 (Control) – it saves the pointer position, length, and status bits for particular instructions for example sequencers and shift registers.
• File 7 (Integer) – it is applied to save bit information or numeric values.


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