Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RAM Memory and Override Protection for GE Fanuc PLC

This feature was set up in CPU firmware release 8.00. It is locate by the parameter of Mem Protect on the configuration screen of CPU. The parameter of Mem Protect is place to Disabled by default. If the parameter of Mem. Protect is place to Enabled, and the switch of key lock is in the position ON, the following is correct:
• User memory RAM (configuration and program) cannot be adjusted.
• The points of discrete cannot be overridden.
• The clock of TOD (Time of Day) cannot be replaced with the Hand-Held Programmer (though, the clock of TOD can still be replaced with the configuration software).

Safeguard the Keys
Every new 350—374 CPU is distributed with 2 keys for the switch of key lock. If you utilize one or more of the switch of key lock protection features illustrated above, it recommends you carefully maintain the keys. If they are misplaced, stolen, or lost, you may be locked out from operating on your PLC, and unofficial persons might have access to it. You may desire to buy spare keys for backing purposes, or if more than 2 persons require access to the PLC. A switch of key lock key kit, including 3 sets of keys, can be bought from a distributor of GE Fanuc.

Disabling Features of Key lock Switch
If you do not require utilizing any of the features protection of the key lock switch, you can select to disable all. To do so, put down the switch of key lock set to the position OFF, and set the parameters of R/S Switch and Mem. Protect as described above to Disabled the default setting. In this situation, all features of key lock switch protection will be disabled, and you will not require utilizing a key to access the PLC.


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