Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Siemens Logo! PLC Software

The natural choice of Logo control from Siemens
LOGO! Produced by Siemens recommends the support that you need at a cost you can manage to pay for. Execute small scale automation jobs faster and free up room in the switch cabinet. The LOGO! Module of logic can change a big number of switching conventional and devices control with 31 special functions and 8 basic logic functions. The natural choice of logic module: LOGO! Currently is even more flexible for analog applications value and easy control jobs.

LOGO! The established basic (0BA6)
LOGO! Make an impressions users because of the large variety of possible applications and it lets the simple execution of comprehensive applications. Finally because of the opportunity of selecting from among of the 38 incorporated functions and connecting them to up to the 200 blocks. The 4-line backlit show with a highest of 32 characters per line makes sure a high degree of user the friendliness when operating and monitoring. The text of message lets the display of text, set points and real values, status parameters and bar graphs. For sure, parameters can be changed in the text of message. The flexibility is always guaranteed because of the varied expansion alternatives.

You have developed with LOGO! And you desire to always be capable to resolve more jobs with a bigger demand on communication industries? After that, the new devices of LOGO! 0BA7 are the perfect solution for you. You can simply enlarge old programs by inserting functions with the new essential devices.

Also probable: the increasing of additional I/Os or the incorporation of a user friendly guidance of operator using touch panels. In the past built up programs of LOGO! can be utilized as a basis and the simple configuration carries on.

• The perfect controller for uncomplicated automation jobs
• Saves costs, replaces a lot of conservative devices of switching control,
• Decreases time needed, make simpler panel layout and wiring,
• Lessens space needed in the switching cabinet, modules according to a 4 width standard dimension industry change a large variety of relays, switches of timer and relays of contactor.
• Provides the widest capabilities range and successful execution of widespread applications with the alternative of selecting from 38 functions integrated and connecting up to 200 in the user program
• Operator monitoring and control are made tremendously user friendly by means of a 32 characters per line, 4 line, and display of backlit.
• This enables for the text display, current values and action items, bar graphs and status of I/O. The values of parameter can also be replaced in the text of message.
• Added external text display expands the possibilities for operator monitoring and control.
• The LOGO! is appropriate for approximately in any non-manufacturing commercial application or small industrial.
• Configuring of the logic module together with the software of LOGO! Soft Comfort is simply perceptive: generation of program, simulation of project and documentation are realized using functionality of drag and drop, permitting maximum operation ease.


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