Monday, February 20, 2012

STEP7 OPC Server Tutorial

Build up the S7 OPC Server in only 3 Steps by STEP7 Projects Import. This illustration demonstrates how quick the S7 OPC Server Softing can be commissioned through the import of an offered project of STEP7.

To operate this tutorial you require the S7 OPC Server Softing, the Configurator of S7 OPC Server and the Demo Client of Softing OPC. All 3 programs are registered and copied on the computer throughout the product OPC-S7installation. In addition you require a programming tool of STEP7 to generate a project of S7 excluding you already have an presented STEP7 project existing file as *.s7p on your computer.

1. Create a Project of STEP7
Run the programming tool of STEP7 and make a program for the controller of S7. The orders how to build the projects STEP7 you can get in the STEP7 manual in the programming tool. In the example a data block sample of DB2 for a S7 300 PLC named DB Sample has been generated.

2. Setting up an Entry of Communication to the S7 PLC
Initiate the Configurator of S7 OPC Server and set up an entry to the PLC. You have the alternatives to join your computer to the S7 PLC through serial protocol (MPI), PROFIBUS, or through Ethernet. The entry to a PLC of S7-300 with the PLC logical which can be addressed through a CP343-1 of communication processor with the IP address. The S7 PLC is recognized explicitly with Rack and Slot. These features must be taken from the S7 project if required. The values 0 and 2 can be utilized in the majority cases at the S7-300.

3. Setting up a Connection to the S7 PLC
Press on the PLC button opens a page using settings for the connection configuration to the PLC of S7-300 with the logical PLC no. 2. Press on the New to make all links of the OPC Server of S7 to S7 PLCs. In the Symbols of column you can scan the computer for existing projects of STEP7.

At this time you can see the configuration result. Begin the Softing Demo Client of OPC. Choose the Softing Server of S7 OPC in the OPC Servers folder under the node of Local and sub node of Data Access V3. In the DA Browse folder you can view the OPC name space of the Server of S7 OPC as made automatically by the STEP7 project file. Import. It shows all items of OPC with precisely the same types of data and names of symbolic as described in the sample project at DB2node in the name space of OPC Server’s.

For each data point in the controller which can be chosen in the name space of OPC Server’s, a property of OPC exists. The properties are utilized to give additional information on items of OPC or nodes in the name space of OPC. The item properties of OPC in the Server of S7 OPC show the item semantics of OPC in STEP7, i.e. the data point addressing in the PLC for the matching item of OPC.


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