Friday, February 24, 2012

The STEP 7 Micro WIN programming software for plug & play

The programming software of STEP 7-Micro/WIN features powerful tools and time-saving that means huge cost savings in day to day work. The programming software operation is the same as standard applications of Windows. The Micro/WIN encloses all the required tools for programming the whole controllers of S7-200 range. You have the controlling SIMATIC instruction set at the clearance and you can program comply with IEC 1131.

A functions host for example Trend Charts and wizards at this time create programming even easier. The STEP 7-Micro/WIN 4.0 has more to present: such as segmented data memories, the program improved handling and structure command or functions of diagnostic for example a configuration error history of user-specific LED, and online download and runtime edit.

The standard editors for Programming using FBD, STL, and LAD, it‘s easy to adjust between them.

Flexible Micro of SIMATIC WinCC– TP 177micro and OP 73micro
Low-cost and special engineering software has been built for configuration of the HMI panels of OP 73micro and TP 177micro with flexible WinCC: flexible Micro WinCC. It goes without saying that the versions of Compact/Standard/Advanced can also be utilized. Quick and simple configuration probable by means of a pre-generated graphics objects, clear user interface, graphic configuration intelligent tools and support of incorporated online functions:
• Edit runtime
• Status Online

Online Context-sensitive assist is probable for all functions Clear and symbol table and informative symbols
• symbol table standard
• Table User-defined

Programming structured with libraries
• Actuating drives of USS protocol
• Library Modbus
• Libraries User-defined

Programming structured with subroutines
• Subroutines Parameterizable
• Subroutines Password-protected
• Subroutines Multiple calls in user program
• Subroutines Import/export of possible

• Debugging Fast online
• Error localization at the mouse multilingual configurations click.

Modem SINAUT MD720-3 of SINAUT Micro SC – GRPS
Wireless communication of bi-directional between controllers of S7-200 and the modem of SINAUT MD720-3 is presented via GRPS and the new management of GRPS with the help of the routing software of OPC SINAUT Micro SC. Using modem technology of quad band, most providers of mobile radio with network of GRPS can be used.

Weighing module of SIWATOOL MS – SIWAREX MS
The weighing technology of SIWAREX is simply integrated with the help of the program instructions of STEP 7-Micro/WIN that are integrated with the engineering software of SIWATOOL. The software of SIWATOOL MS organizes the weighing module of SIWAREX MS using standard dialogs of Windows – with no requiring detailed knowledge of PLC.


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