Friday, February 24, 2012

Practical Modern SCADA Protocols

Practical Modern SCADA Protocols is a book title that is very popular in the SCADA practice. It is a guide to modern SCADA communications protocols for engineer. This book was written by Gordon R. Clarke, Edwin Wright (BSc.) and Deon Reynders.

Gordon Clarke has expert in the SCADA and industrial communications field for the past years, with a large projects number in the water industries, oil, and gas to his portfolio. He has taught for Technologies of IDC in the DNP/IEC60870 and SCADA areas.

The systems of SCADA are in the central of the modern industrial project in variety from water, plants of mining, and utility electrical installations to plants of oil and gas. When it was very crowded with reference guides and high level monographs in the market, this book was gave more practical information for professional engineers. This SCADA communication systems book is focusing on the standard of IEC 60870.5, DNP3, and another new development in this part. It starts with the fundamentals of SCADA systems' software, hardware, and the systems communications brief review (for instance Ethernet, TCP/IP RS-232, and RS-485) that relate the Modules of SCADA together. A concrete review is then performed on the IEC 60870.5 and DNP3 protocols where its characteristics, structure of message, practical advantages and applications are discussed. This book offers you with the comprehension to design your next system of SCADA more efficiently with a focus with the newest existing communications technologies.
* Covers the essentials of SCADA communication systems and other new developments in this area
* Covers a wide range of specialist networking topics and other topics ideal for practicing engineers and technicians looking to further and develop their knowledge of the subject
* Extremely timely subject as the industry has made a strong movement towards standard protocols in modern SCADA communications systems.


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