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Allen Bradley PLC Interface Module

I/O Saver – the Rail AutoMate to PLC Interface of Allen-Bradley Module R7-20. Integrate the pro¬grammable controller features of Allen-Bradley without installing the latest I/O.

The module Interface of I/O Saver Rail allows you to control field machines that are linked to the AutoMate I/O Reliance with a programmable controller of Allen-Bradley. The module of I/O Saver be inherent in as an adapter on the link Remote I/O of Allen-Bradley. You can exchange the system of Rail I/O into a remote I/O link Allen-Bradley by easily changing the Heads of AutoMate I/O with the modules of I/O Saver. There is no need to change field wiring and I/O modules.

• Easy to use conversion process I/O
• Reliance Electric Integration
• Control systems Allen Bradley
• Important cost effectives over new
• Systems I/O

Helps system start-up time and save I/O wiring costs
Because the module of I/O Saver is designed similar to a Remote I/O Head, you can change offered Remote I/O Heads with the module of I/O Saver. The I/O Saver has the similar form feature as presented Remote I/O Heads and contains 4 ports that can be utilized to join to any of the AutoMate I/O as following:
• Rails Digital
• Rails Analog
• Modules of Local Head
• Modules of LED
• Modules of Thumbwheel switch

The module of I/O Saver can manage a maximum of 16 rails by connecting 4 modules of Local Head to the module of I/O Saver. Using AutoMate I/O already connected to existing field devices you can save the cost purchasing, connection, and troubleshooting a new system of I/O.

Integrates AutoMax DCS with control systems of PLC
The module of I/O Saver provides as a bridge among the control system of Allen-Bradley PLC and the system of Reliance Electric AutoMate Rail I/O, incorporating the 2 product lines into one flawless control system. The module of I/O Saver shows as up to 2 and 1/4 racks of remote I/O that can be numbered from 0-37 (octal number) to a programmable controller. The I/O Saver interprets the input data from the AutoMate Rail I/O and transmits this data to the programmable controller when scanned as an I/O adapter. When the module of I/O Saver receives output data from the programmable controller, it sends this data to the Rail I/O of AutoMate.

How the Module of I/O Saver Fits into a Control System
The module of I/O Saver fits into a control system of Allen-Bradley remote I/O. observe that you can also join the module of I/O Saver to an AutoMax rack including a Module of AutoMax Allen-Bradley Remote I/O Scanner.

Summary of Feature
• On-board power supply - The module of I/O Saver has its individual power supply and gives connections to input power of 120V or 240V AC.
• Ready Relay Contacts - A Ready Relay set contacts installed in the module of I/O Saver can be utilized as an added circuit of E-stop to eliminate power from the outputs in an emergency case. The contacts lock when the module is working correctly and open when a problem hardware or fault of remote I/O or loss power is sensed.
• Auto-detected rate of remote communication - The module of I/O Saver can correspond on the link of A-B Remote I/O. It automatically senses and equals the rate of communication being utilized by the programmable controller when the first module powers up.
• Able to communicate up to 17 data words– you have to identify whether you are linking just Rail I/O, modules of Local Head, or a mixture of both when configuring the module of I/O Saver. The module of I/O Saver assigns:
- 5 data words for just Rail I/O, a word for status of Rail and 4 words for data I/O
- 17 data words for Local Heads or a Rails and Local Heads mixture

Word status for system monitoring - A word status allows you observe the Rail I/O status. A bit is assigned for every rail, which you can employ to sense whether a rail is exist.

Indicators of LED for troubleshooting – utilize the 6 indicators of LED for module monitoring and troubleshooting, remote I/O and Rail faults, and communication.

Links to various scanners of I/O – Allen Bradley PLC such as SLC 500, PLC-2 , PLC-5/250, or PLC-5
• PC3000 AutoMax
• Remote I/O Allen Bradley of Reliance Electric AutoMax
• Module Scanner

Remote I/O Network (Specifications of Allen Bradley)
This table explains the Allen Bradley Remote I/O link specifications.


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