Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Siemens PLC Interface for BAS Building Management System

The interface of Siemens PLC option allows the BAS integration with a Siemens PLC. The BAS does not contain the control over the Siemens PLC but displays and monitors a variety of points and alarms in the PLC. In a configuration example a Siemens PLC controls an aircraft loading bridge and the BAS observes the bridge position ensuring correct and efficient operation. In the loading bridge event of a failure the BAS shows an alarm advising the user. Happening of alarms and other events can be showed to the user in various techniques or can trigger control action on other equipment. Events will be specified by the behavior of the banner alarm on the Terminal.

The features of interface
• The Siemens PLC Maps of Points as BAS points. The mapping utilizes standard of programmable points BAS to specify error conditions and clearances.
• Lets current state, failure of Siemens PLC and alarms of equipment to be reported as points of BAS.
• Allows BAS to choose and report system errors of Siemens PLC.
• Allocates mapped points to include alarm limits in the same technique as standard point types of BAS.

The other features
• Presents, throughout BAS active graphics, the installation picture showing alarm states etc. This can be varied with other information of BAS on the graphics.
• Interfaces to Siemens PLC at a high level even as still maintaining the Siemens PLC system integrity. The one system failure will not affect to the other.
• Offers system enhancements consideration via the widespread well proven features of BAS.
• Intelligently reports alarms according to whole system actions.
• The points logs with the Satchwell Logging Manager.
• Gives communication among Siemens PLC and other points of BAS. It can be utilized as element of a strategy of overall building control across other 3rd party interfaces.

Management System of BAS Building
The Management System of BAS Building boasts an impressive and extensive range of features committed to proficient and cost effective building services control. A range points, configured by the user and saved at local interfaces, present the means to supervise the Siemens PLC. Alarm reporting makes sure that effective operation is retained. Data is composed and saved with standard BAS applications, to assist supervise the system.

The Siemens PLC interface installation should be performed by a competent engineer of Satchwell. The interface should be custom-built as the BAS system part.


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