Monday, March 12, 2012

ELC Modular Controllers

They are a perfect solution when room is at a first-class and there are dedicated I/O requires at less than half the most programmable logic controllers size. Any expansion modules number can be added to build up to 256 I/Os. The modules of communication let information distribution with devices networking.

They are fewer than half of the majority size of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The modules of ELC Digital I/O Expansion give the type and accurate amount of I/O for solutions of appliance. Select 16, 8 or 4 I/Os with dissimilar input of AC and DC and Relay and Transistor output combinations. Any expansion modules number can be added to a controller of ELC to build up to 256 I/ O. Area of expertise modules such as Analog out, Analog in, and Temperature of Platinum are also available.

• Solid size means lesser control panels and cabinets, saving costs and space.
• DIN-rail allows you to add as much modules as preferred. Just snap on, and go down into location; all links are automatically done.
• Choose a model with display of LED for user allocated process monitoring, fault messages, display counts, alarms and more.
• Capability to correspond simply with other devices of Eaton reduces the need for extra devices of interface.
• Simply programmed with the software of ELCSoft that works on your PC or by using the accessory of handheld programmer. These devices can also be utilized to simply download, upload and transfer programs.

• Module of Analog In
• Module of Analog Out
• Modules of GP Transfer
• Cables
• Programmer Handheld
• Module of Platinum Temperature
• Module of Thermocouple Temperature
• Power Supplies

ELC Software / Handheld Programmer
The programming software of Eaton’s ELCSoft works on a PC and is utilized to organize all of the controllers ELC. Programs can be produced, , monitored edited, uploaded, downloaded and forced. The programs copy from one controller to other or programs copy to and from the accessory of hand held programmer with ease.

The programming software of ELCSoft organizes all controllers of Eaton Logic Control (ELC). The applications can be built, revised and monitored with ELCSoft. Transfer programs from one controller to other with ease. Program in instruction language, sequential function chart or. ladder It is the single program to build up the applications of ELC controller. ELCSoft is also utilized to arrange the master of DeviceNet and modules of Modbus TCP Ethernet.


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