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It is an instructive tool that develops the education experience of automation technology. It recommends 5 high quality simulations that imitate general industrial plants with real time practical 3D graphics, resonance and total interactivity. ITS PLC is a low-priced, save space and solution of maintenance free that does not give any injury risk to staff or spoil to equipments. With ITS PLC you will carry the automation industries into the classroom.

The objective is to create 5 industrial plants running properly by using an external controller. Every product of ITS PLC was built for the accurate needs of dissimilar automation technologies and subjects.

Systems Available
ITS PLC recommend 5 top quality simulations of actual world industrial plants: Batching, Sorting, Palletize, Automatic Warehouse and Pick & Place.

The Edition of ITS PLC ATG is the ideal escort for AUTOMGEN. It will let you to utilize the feature of AUTOMGEN set together with simulations of ITS PLC top quality industrial systems. Every system is a realistic simulation of general industrial plants that you can manage with AUTOMGEN.

The Edition of ITS PLC ATG was considered to work straight with AUTOMGEN no external controller is needed. Utilize any of the accessible programming languages offered by AUTOMGEN and go straight from programming to testing with just one click.

The Edition of ITS PLC ATG and AUTOMGEN create an invaluable toolset for teaching and practicing GRAFCET (2nd Edition of IEC 60848). A controller model is using GRAFCET and test it on the fly with no requires to go during phases of programming and implementation.

Use any programming language available in AUTOMGEN to manage each industrial system of ITS PLC. The AUTOMGEN and Edition of ITS PLC ATG replace data throughout connection of a TCP/IP. You can utilize both applications on the equal computer or you can utilize each one of them on a dissimilar computer placed via the network.

The goal is to program AUTOMGEN to build every industrial plant work. Every simulated industrial plant is a whole real world emulation industrial system that comprises virtual actuators and sensors. The data of actuators and sensors is replaced between ITS PLC and AUTOMGEN through a connection of TCP/IP.

The Edition of ITS PLC ATG can also be managed by an external application with the .NET Client Tool kit; it is totally free of charge an open source. You can utilize it to build up your practice application or with a third party application that can be expanded with .NET.

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