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1990DN Interface Module DeviceNet Resolver-PLC Network Interface Products

The 1990DN Resolver Interface Module of DeviceNet Resolver Interface Module is plug in as a node on the control system or a Scanner Card of DeviceNet. Constant data of rotary position is offered with 23-bit resolution. Additionally, 8 set-points of built-in user programmable let direct control of vital functions. All programming is made over the network of DeviceNet. This device can be utilized with the 1986 Resolver Series.

• 12 bit of Resolution
• 92mA @ 11 VDC Typical, 67mA @ 24 VDC Typical of Power Requirements
• Generic Device Type
• Group 2 slave only for Communications
• Polled, Bit Strobed, Explicit Supported Messages
• Operating Temperature = -20° C to 70° C
• Storage Temperature = -40° C to 85° C
• Scale Factor - 2 to 4096
• 0 to 1 less than Scale Factor of Position Range
• Update Rates 915μS position & 29.29mS RPM

1746 LDT Interface Card PLC & Network Interface Products
The Interface Card of Series 1746L Transducer integrates Allen-Bradley qualified by technology for whole compatibility with 1746 I/O chassis A-B Series. The unit monitors device position and brings continuous complete position data to the processor of SLC in inch to 0.001” or in mm to 0.01 mm and data velocity. This best resolution is proficient without the requirement for the re-distributions for enhanced system reaction time.

This device can be utilized with the Quik Stik II of LDT Series 951, BlueOx of LDT Series 952, VMax of Series 953, and the Smart BRIK LDT of 955S.

1995A Micro-Set PLS Resolver Based PLS
The Resolver based PLS, Programmable Limit Switch of Micro set - The PLS of Series 1995A was planned for utilize in rotary application. It integrates a lot of features for safe, and proficient operation. The entirely unit of self-contained can work up to 30 outputs of independent (within six standard) according to the rotary position of the resolver. It provides an on-line error check that offers an automatic; in mechanism process to validate that all of the major functions of programmable limit switch are working properly. The error check output can be eager by triggering the error check permit input. The output is a relay of mechanical that is keyed up through normal operation, having 1 NC and 1 NO contact.

This unit can be utilized with the Resolver Assembly of Series 1986. Field alternatives comprise Nema 12 and Nema 4.

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