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X10 Two Way PLC Interface

Features The X10 Two Way PLC Interface is designed for OEMs where the manufacturer controller realizes their applications with control of X10 PLC.

The Two way PLC Interface has been planed for manufacturers controller to execute X10 PLC control. The PLC control functionality is chosen by the manufacturer and executed in the panel controller. The document of X10 protocol for OEM controller identifies the protocol interface that a manufacturer will require for realizing X10 control.

The installation is simple with a panel control which has been planed to interface with X10 PLC. Just join the lead flying to the power supply of 230V, connect the cable telephone to both the socket of RJ11 on the XM10 and the panel control with the cable presented. There is a red lamp of LED on the TW7223E which is ON to show power. It will flicker when signals of X10 are being transmitted or received.

Technical data
• The voltage of supply: 230V +10% -15% 50 Hz
• Temperature Ambient:
Operation Temperature: - 10° C to + 40° C
Storage Temperature: - 20° C to + 70° C

Characteristic DC
Serial data input:
• Minimum logic: input 4 V will go down around 2,5 mA
• Maximum logic: input 20 V will go down around 18 mA
• Maximum logic: 0.8 V will go down around 0,1 mA

This output is a transistor of open collector. Consequently, the logic (1) voltage is estimated as a indication for important the current output leakage. An output pull up resistor is needed to produce a logic level. The pull up can be came back to any voltage up to 20 V with deference to terminal 2.

AC characteristics:
• The output of HF to power line AC: 60mW typical into 5W
• Be conventional to EN50065-1 Class 116: load 2,5 V
• Frequency carrier: 120 ± 2 kHz
• Maximum delay phase between 0 AC power line crossing point and 0 crossing sense output: 100 mseconds
• Maximum permissible delay between transitions serial data input (0) – (1) transition and on 0 crossing detect output: 50 mseconds
• Maximum delay between carrier burst reaching 90% and serial input envelope (0) – (1) transition: 50 mseconds
• The X10 envelope width: 1 milli seconds +100 milli seconds -50 milli seconds
• The voltage isolation: 4 kV RMS 50Hz for 1 minimum.
• CE Mark approvals

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