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Installation PLC I/O Interface

The Module of PLC I/O Interface (PIO) is din-rail mounted. The suggested cables for communication between the modules of I/O are BELDEN 3108A and the DeltaV Programmable Serial Interface Card (PSIC). They have 3 twisted pairs, shielded, and 22 AWG for RS-485 communications. The maximum space between the module and the DeltaV PSIC is 200ft (60m). Every port corresponds at 500 Kilo baud, with an efficient bandwidth of 1M baud via both ports.

The network of Modicon Remote I/O is a high-speed 1.544 Mbps local area network (LAN). The cable communication between the drops module of PIO and Quantum and 800-Series I/O is commercially accessible coaxial cable, RG-6 or RG-11. For further details, please go through to the Modicon Planning and Installation Guide. The DeltaV PSIC for S908 Remote I/O works in redundant or simplex modes. In the mode of simplex the both PSIC ports are utilized to connect to a single Module of PIO. The PIO joins to the I/O drops with the modules of CRA 931 or CRA 932.

In mode of redundant, two PSICs are applied, each linked to an individual module of PIO. Two kinds of redundant architectures are supported, e.g. two modules of CRA 931 per drop, and a CRA 932 per drop. Two CRA 931 modules utilization in each drop is the supported scheme of redundancy for systems of GSE D3, and needs proprietary firmware in the module of CRA. The use of a single module of CRA 932 per drop is the standard scheme of Modicon.

Module Interface
The module of PIO includes 2 parts. The base part has mounting screws for the din-rail. The PIO field, which fits on the base top, has 1 screw, which protects it to the base. The second noticeable screw is not utilized for securing the field and should not be shifted.

The module of PIO needs 0.35Amps, 9-28VDC. The operating temperature Ambient is Maximum 50°C.

The Interface of PLC I/O requires cables. These are:
• Power Cable +/- 24VDC;
• Communications Cable of RS-485;
• twisted pair of Ethernet cable CAT 5,
• Coaxial Cable of RG-6 or RG-11;
• Redundancy Connection Cable

The power cable of +/- 24VDC utilizes a 2-pin plug connector from Weidmuller. The PIO Power source can be the same as signal power for modules of DeltaV I/O. otherwise, you can use a standalone power supply of 24VDC.

The communications cable of RS-485 is designed for 2 ports. The suggested cable is BELDEN 3108A. It has 3 twisted pairs, 2 pairs are utilized for Signal +/-. For the connection ground, every port utilizes one conductor from the 3rd pair. The cable communications joins to the Interface of PIO with 2 3-pin connectors of Weidmuller, and is ended inside the Module. No outside terminating resisters are needed. The reverse end of the communications cable joins straight to the termination block of DeltaV Serial cards. The maximum cable length is 200ft (60m). This confirms the connector’s screws up and to the left for fastening the wires, the top wire is positive connection.

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