Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PLC Applications in the Automotive Industry

Huge industry of automobile manufacturing, needs high level of automation, the technology automation and products concerned, including motion control, field bus, control products, safety products, discrete sensors, machine vision, etc., the major manufacturing of automobile as automation markets. The automotive industry is the second biggest end user industries, second only to the industry of metallurgical.

The production line of automobile is separated into welding, stamping, painting and assembly the four processes. Every process will be widespread use of PLC control, and consequently the most potential for industry of PLC applications, is also the majority demanding incorporated technology FA industry.

Additionally to a hand press of mechanical shop, other controls are with the PLC. Mostly used for welding workshop of transmission control, a line production with a 5 to 8 PLC. If flag 206 press fit line, with spread control, every PLC to manage a small system, for example production line station logistics. The assembly plant is mostly used for PLC control transmission lines, transmission line divided into 3 categories: trim line, elevated line, and final assembly line. The front axle and Elevated rear axle line PLC for engine control, the final assembly line utilized for testing the movement and control of every control station. All-purpose a process with a PLC, medium in 300IO about bigger than 1000IO.

Auto industry of PLC users comprises not only all kinds manufacturers of vehicle, but also various assemblies, parts and components manufacturers, dissimilar PLC companies use diverge greatly, covering all the PLC products sizes. In parts manufacturers small, medium and large PLC for conveyor control, in that order, air conditioning control, and oven control cabinet.

Automobile industry of PLC Application more worth from the products application view, the biggest amount of the medium sized PLC. Some applications of the PLC, mostly at the electric car former disposal in application.

A little different to earlier years, 3 years ago, and its computerized automobile lines of production are the basic products international sourcing, in auto production lines of China s, generally from imports, PLC concurrently with the production line introduction, only the appropriate spare parts sourcing in China. But in current years, aggressive auto market, car slashed costs, companies started to decrease costs, a lot of the automation products production line to start of procurement. But the industry of automobile is separated manufacturing industries, dissimilar parts from diverse branch, use dissimilar facilities of production, a manufacturer of car will utilize more than one PLC brand.

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