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2110 Shut Height Monitor of PLC Network Interface Products

Shut Height Monitor of the Series 2110 Shut Height Monitor provides you a very precise read aloud of shut height as you run the motor or manually of shut height fine-tune the mechanism of shut height. Once appropriate shut height is resolute, the readout can be traced for use the next time the die is utilized in the similar press, extensively saving setup time and the test parts number. The accuracy position of 2110 is +/-.001. The unit 2110 can be utilized with the Resolver Assembly Series 1986, the Resolver 1986MD with Mill Duty Housing, Quik Stik II Linear Transducer Series 951, VMax Linear Transducer Series 953, and the BlueOx Linear Transducer 952.

2120 PLC Interface Module PLC & Network Interface Products
The Interface Module of Series 2120 PLC is a precise, fixed position-sensing machine for use with hardy, noise protected transducers in inconsiderate environments. It can be utilized as a simple position indicator or as an Interface Module of PLC producing digital signals, as well as analog and serial outputs to provide for PLC’s.

The Interface Module of Series 2120 PLC advances on the popular Interface modules of Series 1994R and 1994L PLC. In actuality, the Series 2120 joins all the attributes of the Series 1994 into a unit with a lot of additional features the customers requested. The 2110 and 2120 Series can be interfaced with a 925Series, 955Series, 952Series, and a 951 Series.

• The power is 85-265 VAC 50/60 Hz; with internally fused at 1.5 Amps
• Storage temperature: 0° to 150° F; and Operating Temperature: 32° to 131° F
• Humidity Environment: 5% - 95%; and Non-condensing
• Tested of Vibration & Shock refer to MIL-Std 810E, UL 491, 5A 19, 10-150 Hz, 10G sine, Category 10, 20-2KHz, Method 514.4, 2G sine, 0.04 G2/Hz random,
• Compatibility Tested for Electromagnetic refer to IEC 801-2, Level 5; IEC 801-4, Level 4; IEC 801-5, Level 3.5
• Outputs Digital using TTL/CMOS 24V sinking/sourcing @ 200 mA, @ 24 mA, and Update time: 50μS
• Outputs Analog: +/- 10 VDC into 2Kohm; 4/20 mA into 500 ohm; and Update time is 5mS
• Retention of Memory Time: keeps last values of programmed to 10 years without power
• Ratings of Relay Contact: All relays rated UL
• Input of Movement: 85 to 265 VAC, 12 mA (rms) max; optical isolated to 3200 VDC/2250 VAC
• Key Input of Program Mode: Dry contact; +5 VDC Max. current 0.2 mA; Open collector (drain) ONLY;
• 115.2 K baud of RS232 Output
• 115.2 K baud of RS485 Output.

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