Saturday, March 10, 2012

PLC Controller Kit

Package Inside:
• One Controller of PLC M17R/DS 12DC inputs/5 Relay Outputs
• USB adapter or driver and one Cable Serial DB9 RS232 Programming
• One Power Adapter of 24 VDC Regulated plug-in
• 1000 step software, Software and Hardware manuals in electronic format, and Configurator.

• The PLC M17R/DS OEM, 24VDC Base, 5 Relay Output 24VDC and 12VDC input Operation,
• One port of RS232/485
• Compatible software and firmware with the PLC FX2N series.
• Panel and DIN mount option,

Packing machines,
Machines OEM,
Filling machines,
• The process of Extrusion, Welding, Cutting, Molding, Food processing,
• The industries of Solar-Wind, Energy controls, Marine installations,
• Applications in Lighting Control, Traffic control, Signal, Conveyors, Robots,
• etc.

EL Migro PLC Kit
Package Inside:
• One CD Controller with: electronic instructions manual,
• Software and examples for: Simulation, Programming, and Monitoring

• Complete KIT of Software and Hardware of 4 Relay outputs and 8 DC inputs @10 A. The software of Programmable Logic USB Program of Migro Cable for Programming PC with 12VDC Plug-in regulated power adapter
• Simulation, Programming, Testing and Monitoring
• Separate channel of Time Clocks 4 Program 365 Day
• Operable Input Switches from the keyboard computer or wired in.
• Wiring of Branch
• 365 Day Timers
• Counters of Hour
• Register of Shift
• AND, OR, NOT, and XOR Logical Outputs
• Latch and Unlatch Relays, Up Down Counters, Retentive & More
• MCR (Master Control Relays)
• TON (On-Delay Timers)
• TOF (Off-Delay Timers)
• RTO (Retentive Timers)
• RES (Timer/Counter Reset)
• Pulse relay and PWM

Advanced Alpha Microcontroller
• Compact Size PLC Easy to Use

Software for Simulation, Programming, and Monitoring
• Perform functions of PLC, for example timers, clocks, counters, math, logic, flicker, smith trigger, etc.
• Directly program on the unit, or through optional software of VLS Windows
• LCD screen built-in for panel programming or functions of operator interface
• Style programming of graphical "function block", with icons of drag and drop
• Incorporated function of calendar/clock.
• Summer time set
• 4 digit year of Real Time Clock
• Program and RTC 20 Days Backup
• 2 high speed counters and 4 Integrated analog inputs
• Schedule of Lighting
• 4 inputs can be utilized as Analog Input 8-bit, 6 Digital inputs
• 250 VAC RS232 Interface 0-10 VDC 4 Relay Output 8 Amp

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