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uPL / cPLC Interfaces from Pixsys Electronics

PLC Electronics PL250 of Din Rail Mounting

It is the PLC of DIN-rail mounting for applications involving flexibility and flow control joint with functions of mathematical. The most hardware data contain 4 inputs for signals 0 - 10Volt /4 - 20mA. The voltage of 10.0V are existing for outside potentiometers, by further 16 inputs of digital PNP. The 4 inputs of digital can interpret 2 Encoders of bidirectional (5/12V supply on pin) with frequency of 15Khz (or single 30Khz), 12 outputs of digital (relay 5A), 2 outputs 0 - 10Volt (resolution 8bit). The memory of RAM is presented with back-up battery. The real-time function clock also accessible. Three serial ports on pin for RS485 and 2 on plug connector for RS232 are available. The tool of Software PLprog is founded on Ladder programming. Aside standard functions like counting, PID control, timing, other relevant attributes comprise mathematical, motion control, and logic functions 16 bit, ensure on words bit, serial communication modules as Slave, Master and Multi-master. Terminal blocks of extractable, supply of AC/DC (no external power supplier) and high elasticity build this PLC an exciting and cost-efficient solution for application needs a small/medium I/O number.

Data Acquisition Module Electronics PL300 PLC

PL300 PLC series incorporates the full capabilities of four controllers of temperature for DIN rail mounting. The versions available guarantee the application flexibility. Four inputs of analog free configurable for RTDs, thermocouples, linear V/mA signals. PID-Auto tuning control for outputs of relay/SSR/linear creates it appropriate for kilns and furnaces, heat treatment, plastics extrusion, firing plants, packaging.

The Modbus protocol of serial RS485 is for the programming PLC or communication with other devices. PL300 is the ideal module of analog expansion for Pixsys ATR313 or for Pixsys PL250 (logic) as module of data acquisition for industrial furnaces and kilns.

Pixsys Electronics TCT500 PLC

The TCT500 Programmable logic controller is the perfect solution to incorporate functions of control and supervisory in a single device. Major data can be checked on the 7-digits display for the selected values monitoring. Four inputs of analog universal are offered for linear signals 0 - 1V, 0-10V, 0-20mV, 0-20mA, 4-20mA and sensors of temperature.

A tension of 10-12V is also presented for inputs of potentiometer or supply sensors, as well as a stabilized the tension of 10V for load cells and 6 digital inputs additional PNP/NPN. It is probable to control two encoders of bidirectional by means of committed functions integrated in the environment development of Plprog. Five outputs of digital, one logic output 12V for SSR and 2 outputs 0-10V exist. Main features of hardware comprise back-up battery, real-time clock and RS232/485 serial communication (opt isolated) on pin.
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