Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solutions for PLC and I/O Modules

Programmable Logic Controllers are computers considered to computerize the processes of electromechanical. They are utilized in a broad range of appliances including lines of assembly, processing of food, transportation, molding injection and treatment of water. PLCs are characteristically designed for hazardous environments and contain multiple ports of input/output (I/O) to observe process variables and activate external systems. These ports of I/O might be built in the PLC or they might be externally housed in divide modules of I/O.

Silicon Labs Solutions
1. Precision Processing. It is mixed-signal system on a chip MCU, on oscillator-board with multiplier clock, incorporated flash, interface CAN 2.0B, 12-bit analog, operation 125°C. Customer advantages: few external components, high reliability, large temperature range and operating range of voltage up to 50 MIPS
2. Robustness and Wireless Range. It is constant frequency exposure from 240 - 960 MHz, power output up to +20 dBm, integrated attributes like wake-up timer, transmit and receive data FIFOs, low battery detector, reset circuit of power-on and general-purpose digital I/Os. Customer advantages: Meters can send out data that will be consistently read by the collector of data over long distances.
3. Safe, Reliable, and Effective Isolation. It is up to 6 channels isolation in a single package, operation of high-speed (DC-150 Mbps) over a large range of operating temperature, VRMS isolation up to 5 kV and propagation delay less than 10 ns. Customer advantages: protection voltage for humans and equipment in a small footprint; according to standard CMOS processes, creating it simple to incorporate into the system.
4. Communication and I/O Support: full-speed USB to UART bridge (12 Mbps) to boundary to service ports, single-chip. Customer advantages: make an architecture modular that can be willingly changed and expanded.
5. Smallest single chip controller of Ethernet including an incorporated MAC (media access controller) and PHY (physical layer). Customer advantages: allows advanced levels of product incorporation with the majority efficient space utilization.

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