Friday, March 2, 2012

The MicroLogix 1000 Wiring

You have to understand the 3 types of wiring related to grasp the wiring requirements of the 120 VAC input interface of MicroLogix 1000. They are:
• The wiring of PLC
• The wiring of device
• The wiring of common

PLC Wiring
The MicroLogix has integrated interfaces of input in both models of the 16 and 32 I/O. Ever since the interface of input is already connected to the PLC, input wiring is simple and fast.

Device Wiring
Input devices can be connected to an input interface of 120 VAC in one of 2 ways:
• They can be connected straight to the interface
• They can be connected to a block connected terminal which is wired to the interface

If the device input is connected directly to an input interface connected MicroLogix 1000’s, after that one side of the machine should be connected to the L1 of incoming hot line AC power source. The other side should be connected to a terminal input on the PLC. If an input tool is connected to a terminal block as a substitute of directly to the PLC, then the line coming out of the input device should be connected to the block connected terminal. In the applications linked MicroLogix 1000, the devices connection through a block connected terminal is more common than connecting them straight to the PLC.

Common Wiring
Every input device wired to a 120 VAC input interface connected MicroLogix’s have to be connected to the return line connected AC, called the common line of L2. The machine has to have this general connection for its electrical circuit to be comprehensive. The terminals connected inputs on an interface of 120 VAC are organized in 2 groups with each group allocation a link to the common line. The first of four input terminals divide one common connection, and the last six allocate another in a 10-input MicroLogix. The first of four inputs once more divide one common link, as the last sixteen allocate another in a 20-input model.

Input Interfaces of 24-Volt DC
It is utilized with devices field that give an input signal connected DC to the PLC. This signal input can variety when the device OFF is 0 VDC and when the device is ON between 15 to 30 VDC. The six models of MicroLogix 1000 have interfaces connected DC input. These two of six models come with a power supply AC, as well as a built in power source connected 24 VDC. This power source can be utilized to power the inputs of DC, but it should not be utilized to power the DC outputs of PLC. The other 4 models of MicroLogix do not offer a built-in power source of DC. These models need an external power supply of DC to power the inputs.

There are two types of DC input devices are utilized with PLCs: sourcing devices and sinking devices. The sinking devices accept current when ON, while sourcing devices supply current when ON.


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