Friday, April 6, 2012

Advanced Intelligent Servo Drive of MintDrive from Baldor

MintDriveII of Baldor is a entirely smart particular AC servo drive axis with incorporated movement controller to manage of both linear and rotary motors. The servo driver of MintDriveII is programmable in the equal programming language of MintMT as NextMove controllers of Baldor present whole flexibility for your movement control requirements.

Digital and analog I/O of on board can be utilized to control a lot of parts of the device. This can be additional developed with either range of Baldor modules operating CAN I/O over the CAN bus of Baldor, or otherwise, devices of CANopen conforming to the profile of DS401 I/O.

The options of Fieldbus comprise DeviceNet, CANopen and Profibus-DP. The encoder input of onboard master can be utilized for applications synchronizing, software cams, flying shears, and including gearing.

MintDriveII is offered in single phase from 2.5Amp to 7.5Amp and 3-phase from 2.5Amp to 27.5Amp.

Flexible programming is given by means of MintMT- the supplied ActiveX or multitasking Basic components.

• Brushless servo drive Intelligent with integrated motion controller
• Control both linear and rotary servo motors
• Single-phase of 115/230VAC, from 2.5 Amp to 7.5 Amp constant
• 3-phase 230-460VAC, from 2.5 Amp to 27.5 Amp constant
• Enclosure of Panel-mounting
• Display for diagnostics using 7 segment
• Incremental encoder, resolver, and feedback options of absolute (EnDat)
• Encoder output simulation
• Gearing applications of master encoder input
• Software oscilloscope and auto-tuning wizard facilities through front end of Windows
• 8 uncommitted digital inputs of opto-isolated Mint usage programmable and through front end of Windows.
• 3 uncommitted digital outputs (PNP) of opto-isolated Mint usage programmable and through front end of Windows.
• 14-bit differential of 2 indifferent analog inputs -
• 8-bit of 2 indifferent analog outputs -
• 10 digital inputs and 5 outputs of I/O expansion
• Usage configurable of I/O via front end of WorkBench v5
• Non-volatile RAM 8 Kb for storage of parameter
• Fieldbus connectivity of factory fit: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen. Interface of CANopen can be applied for expansion of I/O and interfaces of HMI. Can also be applied to give full networking capabilities of peer-to-peer with added Mint based controllers.
• User selectable, serial channel of RS232 and RS485,
• Multi-tasking programming of MintMT with program space of 128 Kb
• Support for flying shears, indexing moves, cam profiles, software gearboxes
• Supplied free of charge of ActiveX libraries.
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