Saturday, April 7, 2012

Difference between PLC and Embedded System in Details

For some people they can’t really understand well the difference between PLC and embedded system. Generally, PLC may be able to interface the embedded system while in some extent, it might not happen. Somehow, it has slightly several differences which can be elaborated detail and clearer though it might not be seen by people easily. For that reason, there should be better explanation to differentiate both automatically digital machines. PLC, for instance, is able to apply its function on laundry washing machines while recently embedded system does for the newer machines. Besides, PLC can be applied for the whole process which’s on the way around with embedded system which’s functioned for a set or similar tasks. When PLC has many connections for inputs by having some sensor, embedded system isn’t. From these differences, they can’t be put as similar or the same machine controller. At the moment, you’ll be shown by some difference between PLC and embedded system more.

Difference between PLC and Embedded System for Particular Performance
The difference between PLC and embedded system can be seen by functions of embedded system. It’s designed for particular performances while at the same time it has comprehensively devices both mechanics and hardware things. Many advanced technology devices today are applying this system since it’s able to accomplish plenty of varied jobs with have different programming. MP3 player, for example, applied embedded system instead of PLC. Having this system, some companies will get affordable operational cost since it’s cheaper than any other system. Furthermore, it’s able to reduce product’s size as well. For performance and reliability, this system’s also in the top quality. For other technology products, embedded system can enlarge stationary installation such as controllers from industries, playing roles for nuclear power plants, traffic light, and also handheld computers. In this case, embedded system applies for its microprocessors and operating system. Those examples make the difference between PLC and embedded system.

Difference between PLC and Embedded System Functionalities
In another way around, difference between PLC and embedded system can be seen from PLC which has some sensors such as level, pressure, temperature, and flow. Through PLC, the programmers are able to do task related to hard real time system which will reduce noises, prolong temperatures, as well as save the machines and processes from any vibration. In addition, this controller has also roles on personal computers by its software application. Via programming board, PLC is usually recording the program on some removable chips. From the distinctions explained above, they can at least give you reference about the difference between PLC and embedded system.

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