Thursday, April 19, 2012

DirectSOFT5 Features

Program editing features
• Tip of the Day provides you guidance of programming, information on tips and shortcuts for taking benefit of new features
• Point and Click Editing of full-screen with the icons and mouse
• Tool Box of Edit includes icons and equivalents of hot key for all parts
• Browsers assist you to discover correct addresses, coils, contacts, and instructions of box.
• Neat features of Windows 2000/XP/Vista fully customizable and tear off toolbars, long file names, common file browsers, Tool Tips.
• Data of Project Information with every project including making and save dates, PLC type, links, project version and description.
• Cross Reference On-screen in a tabbed show that repeatedly tracks program parts as you browse your view of ladder.
• Predefined stages name for general items, for instance counter and timer current values.
• Key in your program with nicknames and give them to addresses afterward
• Access V-memory with fill in the blank Memory Editor
• Simply cut and paste groups of rungs or single rungs.
• Look for program parts by name, instruction type, address, or rung number
• Search for stables

Documentation features
• Rung comments and program mnemonics of import/export to a single text file that doesn’t have to be in format of DirectSOFT.
• Nickname, PLC address, type export to C-more in format of CSV
• Documentation editor of grid-based for easy access
• Nicknames of 16-character for addresses create programming and troubleshooting easier
• Wiring information of 16-character lets you to secure PLC addresses to panel numbers of wiring
• Address description of 6-line x 18-character offers more detailed information about the element of program
• Comments of rung can be up to 20-lines of each 69-characters
• Title page of free-form program can be chosen at printing time
• The feature of import/export for all documentation

Features of Printing
• Print any accessible view, including charts, mnemonics, and ladders.
• Multiple columns printing
• Apply zoom to increase or decrease size of print
• Make routine printouts by choosing precise items to contain for every view
• Print the documentation program, including nicknames, rung comments, descriptions, etc.
• Print program Cross Reference or Element Usage Table
• Print the contents of Data Register or PLC V-memory.

Features of Display and viewing
• Views tabbed let you to simply switch between optimize and views your area of viewing
• View the ladders of program
• View the mnemonics of program
• Stage view accessible for programs produced with instructions of RLLPLUS
• Select addresses for ladder view or rung number

Features of System setup
• Setup menu of D0-DCM is obtainable for the data communications module of DL06 and DL05
• Setup the loops of PID with dialog boxes of easy to use
• Set communication parameters of PLC via modems, Ethernet, or PC ports
• Amend operation PLC mode
• Clear memory of PLC through type or all
• Choose or amend retentive ranges of memory
• Interpret configuration of PLC I/O
• Modify configuration of I/O
• View firmware revisions of PLC
• DV-1000 Configuration.

Features of Online operation
• Help system online
• A central manager for all projects, applications, and links is DSLaunch
• Automatically make and save links of communication to the PLC, eventhough using Ethernet or modems.
• Noticeable sign communication link status of PLC
• Mode status gives visible condition of power flow for program parts, existing values for counters and timers, and existing V-memory values or locations of Data Register.
• Practice construct Data View windows to check a variety of elements.


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