Thursday, April 19, 2012

Memory PLC to Help You Store Information and Programs

Memory PLC is one of the components of the PLC which has an important role in the operation of a PLC system. The memory can be a place for data storage as well as operating program storage. The program stored in the memory is created by a professional programmer. He or she will create a ladder program. The program is then translated and stored into the memory. The memory PLC system is now very various, and today, the memory leads to the technology of a memory flash.

Memory PLC Functions
As previously mentioned, the memory PLC has a function to store data. In fact, the memory has many other functions, such as the following:
• To store information about the status of the input data.
• To give information about the timers and counters value.
• To store the program which has been previously created by programmer?
• To make a permanent program in the memory.

The PLC memory has three main parts. They are word, program and discrete registers. The program, which usually creates in ladder logic program and the old register can be stored in a flash memory. The other one, the discrete registers, can be stored in RAM memory. The division of the storage makes them clear of where you should store the data. Understanding the function of the memory PLC is surely helpful for you to create the best PLC system.

Memory PLC – How It Works
The memory PLC of a PLC system is divided in some kind of blocks. The blocks have different functions. Some of the blocks have a function to store the input and output status. The others are used to store the variables used to run the program, such as counters and timers. Today, the programming of the PLC memory is getting easier and easier. This is because the technology of flash memory has been found. The flash memory enables the users to program or reprogram the PLC system. Even, the programming and reprogramming can be done repeatedly. In addition, the flash memory has an EPROM facility. The EPROM allows the users to remove the program, once again for several times of removal. However, working with the PLC memory, especially with the flash memory, must be very careful. This is because the PLC memory does not have an indicator to show you whether the PLC memory is in good condition or has been damaged. The only indicator to make you sure that there is a damage on the memory PLC is the indicator lamp attached on the PLC system.


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